10 Tips for Tackling the Fair with Kids


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The Lake County Fair is a summer tradition for Lake County families. If you have never been it’s definitely an experience you should not miss! Tackling the fair with little kids can be intimidating so with the help of some other editors of Hyperlocal blogs we have come up with 10 Tips for taking kids to the Fair, to help navigate the fair and have a great time.

Tips for Taking Kids to the Fair

  1. Bring {kids} snacks and drinks to avoid waiting in line while your little ones have a hunger meltdown. 
  2. Try to visit the Fair on a weekday if your schedule permits. Writer Dawn suggests arriving at 10 a.m. when the Fair opens for the smallest crowds.
  3. It’s been a hot summer, start with outdoor events and visit the expo hall to cool off when everyone gets too hot. 
  4. Bring a stroller for little ones who may get tired out quickly from all the walking. I bring both my Ergo baby carrier for the toddler and my double stroller. At the start of the Fair my two youngest ride in the stroller. By the end, even my 7-year-old wants to sit in the stroller! Having the carrier also helps with crabby/tired baby meltdowns. 
  5. Pay the parking fee to park in the paved lot closer to the main entrance!  There is a grass lot available further away for free parking, but you will have to walk a lot farther over gravelly terrain. Not ideal for those with little kids or needing to bring a stroller!
  6. If you can get a map, or scope out the fair ahead of time do it. We try to avoid the fairway (where the games and rides are) until after we have seen the animals and other things. In Lake County with the new fairgrounds, it’s a little harder but if you go through the expo hall or around it (to the right) you can avoid the Fairway almost completely.
  7. Expect to spend more (at least 20%) than you plan on and bring cash. Admission and the booths only take cash.
  8. Brings refillable water bottles, and lots of them. 
  9. Look for coupons to save on admission and rides. You can find some on the Lake County Convention and Visitors Bureau webpage and on the Lake County Fair’s Facebook page.
  10. Check Showtimes – There are lots of little attractions & shows going on throughout the fair – in addition to the bigger, headlining shows in the evening.  If you’re interested in catching some of the smaller ones, definitely be on the lookout for showtimes.  They will be posted on the website and on the day of the fair.  These are all free with Admission and can be a nice break for everyone!
Lake County Fair

Relax and have fun! Yes, it can be crowded, and expensive but it’s a once a year event.  If you have very young kids (under 5) you can have a great time at the fair by just visiting the animals. The first year we went my kids weren’t interested in the rides and couldn’t ride most of them anyway. We visited the petting zoo and then spent almost the rest of our time in the barns visiting the animals and 4H exhibits and playing on all the tractors and Farm Bureau activities. 

With a little bit of planning the fair can be a great experience for the whole family!

What are your fair tips? Share them with us in the comments!

This post was a collaboration among the following hyperlocal blogs: Cumming Local, Go West Young Mom, Kidlist, and Indianapolis with Kids.

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10 Tips for Tackling the Fair with Kids
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