100 Gift Ideas for Grads

Gift ideas for graduates big and small

It’s that season again…graduation parties galore! What is the hot grad gift these days? You can never go wrong with cash. But sometimes it’s nice to get more creative. Here are some gifts grads might like.

graduation gift ideas

Gift cards are always popular. If you feel “uncreative” giving one, jazz it up with an item from that store, flowers, or a sweet treat. Here is a list of gift card ideas:

  • Amazon
  • art class
  • book store
  • clothing store
  • coffee house (Here are some in Lake County.)
  • college bookstore
  • cooking class
  • ebook app
  • Etsy
  • fancy restaurant (See our favorite Italian and Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants)
  • fast-food restaurant
  • gas station
  • grocery store
  • ice cream/fro-yo
  • movies
  • music (iTunes, Spotify)
  • office supply store
  • public transportation
  • Target/Walmart
  • TV/movie streaming service (Netflix, hulu)
  • yoga studio

graduation gift ideas

Other gift ideas:

  • bike
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • commemorative jewelry—earrings, bracelet
  • concert tickets
  • e-reader
  • escape room tickets
  • family heirloom
  • gift basket of favorite things (movie ticket, popcorn, candy)
  • gym membership
  • laptop
  • magazine subscription
  • pay cell phone bill
  • play tickets
  • pool membership
  • quality make-up (fun eye shadow palette, etc.)
  • sporting event tickets
  • tablet
  • water bottle

graduation gift ideas

There are a lot of great books for grads: some are inspirational; some are informational; and some are just for fun.

If heading to the college dorm in the fall

  • adult coloring book and colored pencils/fine-line markers
  • blanket/throw
  • book light
  • college paraphernalia—a sweatshirt or t-shirt to the college he or she will be attending
  • cozy socks or slippers
  • ear plugs
  • electric tea kettle
  • framed picture with best buddies
  • fun pens
  • gift card to college-town establishments: spa, hair cutters, pizza place
  • journal
  • laundry bag
  • luggage
  • mobile charger
  • mug painted by a little sibling/little cousin/child he or she used to babysit
  • noise-cancelling headphones
  • other-climate gear (mittens and a hat if heading somewhere cold)
  • phone accessories (speaker, headphones)
  • public transportation card
  • quarters for the laundry room
  • sleep mask

graduation gift ideasIf graduating and getting their own place…

  • baking set (measuring cups and spoons, cupcake tin, whisk)
  • binder of family-favorite recipes (include a batch of Grandma’s famous cookies in a cookie jar!)
  • blender
  • coffeemaker
  • cooking set (meat thermometer, spatula, cast-iron pan)
  • house plant
  • tea kettle
  • tool kit (include supplies to hang pics)

graduation gift ideas

And let’s not forget the little ones! Here are some gifts for preschool grads:

  • app (See a list of our favorite apps for little ones here)
  • art supplies
  • ball
  • book
  • building toys
  • CD of children’s music
  • coloring book
  • costume for what they want to be when they grow up
  • DVD
  • gardening set
  • gift card for a fun class
  • plant of their own
  • museum tickets
  • school supplies
  • science equipment (magnifying glass, eye dropper, etc.)
  • science kit
  • seeds
  • water park tickets
  • workbook
  • zoo tickets

What’s your favorite gift to give a grad?


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