12 Shops of Christmas {2014}: Local Artisans: Hyacynth Filippi Worth Arts


Welcome to Little Lake County’s 12 Shops of Christmas! Each day for 12 days we will feature a wonderful local retailer as a way of encouraging our community to shop local this holiday season.

When you buy local you are making an investment in yourself and your community. Learn more about these unique shops doing business close to home. Local doesn’t have to mean a brick and mortar store though! Today we will be featuring 5 local artisans that live and create here in Lake County, consider them in our holiday gifting. 

Hyacynth Filippi Worth Arts


Hyacynth began painting regularly after she lost her daughter during her last pregnancy.  During that time she realized that not only was art therapeutic, it was also very life-giving. She now paints with the intention of bringing beauty into the world both visually and in deed.  Her patrons participate in the process of designing an original piece by communicating with her throughout the painting process.  This feedback helps drive the creative process to create a truly unique piece of art. All of the proceeds from her paintings go directly toward covering the fees involved in hosting an orphaned child from Eastern Europe; as well as the pursuit of her and her sister’s adoption into their family. In the future, Hyacynth hopes that all proceeds from her paintings will go towards fundraising for specific families who are adopting, or single parents struggling to make ends meet.


Her custom pieces range from $40 – $150 depending on the canvas size and time spent painting. The most popular sizes are 16×20” followed by 12×16”. The 16×20” pieces generally fit best as a centerpiece for a medium sized space, like over a bed. The 12×16” size is generally better for smaller spaces on walls. Hyacynth can also find specified sizes if desired. If the buyer wants to be surprised by a painting, color options are at her discretion. However, she appreciates knowing favorite color combinations or color schemes for the room in which the painting will be displayed.

Anyone who orders before December 10 will receive his or her painting before Christmas unless otherwise noted. When someone commissions Hyacynth to work on a painting, she keeps that person in the creativity loop by sending pictures and asking questions, so she can best capture what that person has in mind. That being said, most people know when their painting is close to being finished!


Hyacynth is located in Lake County and can deliver locally or arrange for a pick-up time and location. For out-of-town orders, she is happy to ship.  The price will reflect shipping, which is generally between $10-$25.

For a truly unique Christmas gift, contact her at [email protected] to place an order.

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