12 Shops of Christmas: Click Incorporated, Libertyville


Welcome to Little Lake County’s 12 Shops of Christmas! Each day for 12 days we will feature a wonderful local retailer as a way of encouraging our community to shop local this holiday season.

When you buy local you are making an investment in yourself and your community. Learn more about these unique shops doing business close to home.

Click Incorporated

How many pictures are currently on your hard drive? On your phone? Now how many are on your walls? You went through the effort to take the picture, maybe even cropping and editing it just so, then what? Upload it to Facebook? When the kids want to see pictures do you pull out an album or your phone?

I admit, I am so guilty of taking photos, or worse paying someone to take our photos, and then leaving them on our computer. I haven’t had prints made since last fall and that was the first time in way too long.

Click Canvas

If looking at a photo site becomes overwhelming to you, so many choices and options! Click Incorporated is the answer. Click Premier Photo lab is the brick and mortar equivalent of every high-end photo site you have ever browsed. Anything you’ve seen online they can do too, at a competitive price and with personalized service.

Want photo cards? They can do that!

Click Photo Cards

We had our birthday invites done at Click for our son’s first birthday. I designed them myself and used Click’s website to have them printed. They now offer not only the standard size photo paper cards, but multiple high-end paper options including linen and felt. Not design savvy? You don’t have to be! With Click’s help and/or templates you can get a custom photo card that looks exactly like you want it to, and fast. Turn around time on photo cards is 1 day and if you want cardstock it’s only a week, plus no shipping fees!

When you walk in their store you can’t help but be inspired. Every month they feature a different local artist on their walls and they have handmade goodies from local artisans throughout the store.

Owner Miranda Jansen said,

Memories don’t belong in a box, basement, or closet. Display your photos!

and they have so many ways for you to do it. They have an expanded selection of frames and scrapbooks in their shop and do all size of prints. If you are looking for more artistic ways to display your photos they have that too. The currently offer canvases, wood, and metal prints.

Click Wood Prints

The nice thing about having an actual storefront to go into instead of looking through a website is that you can touch and feel the product you are going to order. You can see the difference between a bamboo block print and the birch wood. You can look at the metal print and ask how it’s mounted. You can also get ideas from them on ways to use it. For example, I love the look of the metal prints. They are so sharp and amazing, but a little too modern for my old home’s decor.

Click metal prints

Co-owner Nick Gillenwater showed me another application, notebook covers. They come in sketchbooks and notebooks and they are great. This would make a perfect gift for my artistic son, I could do one of his art images on the front and he has a personalized sketchbook that won’t get torn up in his bag.


If you are intimidated at the thought of going into a photo store because you aren’t a “real” photographer, don’t be! Nick, Miranda and all of their staff are beyond friendly and super helpful. With five kiosks available to work on all you need is to bring a USB or phone with your photos on it. They can help as little or as much as you want and need!.

We can assist with everything from creating photo storybooks, archiving old photos & videos, printing images from your iPhone, & holiday greeting cards & calendars


Click is running the following special for Little Lake County readers:
20×20 couture photo canvas 50% off
$60 for 3/4″ depth & $70 for 1.5″ depth

It’s time to get your photos off your computer and on your walls! Visit Click today and make someone’s holidays with a great photo gift.

Click Incorporated
1424 S Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville

[email protected] | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

Disclosure: Click Incorporated is a Little Lake County paid advertising partner.

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