15 Foods You HAVE to Try in Lake County

Chicago is known for some amazing food that people will travel miles for. But the big city to the south of us isn’t the only place to get your eat on. We polled our readers (and friends) to see what they think you must not leave Lake County before eating. Here is a list of 15 foods you have to try in Lake County.

  1. Wings from Frank’s for the Memories – Kari H. and Robin C.
    The best wings I have ever had, hands down, has a huge fan base locally and around the globe.You can also check out my list of favorite wing places in Lake County here. But for real, GO TO FRANK’S FIRST.
    Franks for the Memories
    645 E. Hawley St. Mundelein | (847) 949-9464

    Photo credit Frank’s for the Memories on Facebook

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    Tacos and Margarita’s from Milwalky Taco – Andrea C.
    Read Loralie’s taco showdown article.* Will Milwalky Taco win? Guess you’ll have to read to find out. *And apparently they have amazing hot chocolate too.
    Milwalky Taco
    605 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (847) 513-5766
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  2. Chicken Kabob Salad from Nino’s Gyros – Linda N.
    There are more than just gyros here. We also recommended Nino’s for their Greek Fries here.
    Nino’s Gyros
    2134 E. Grand Ave., Lindenhurst | (224) 444-8056

    Photo credit Lovin Oven Cakery on Facebook

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  3. Cake from Lovin’ Oven Cakery – Dawn C., Cupcakes from Lovin’ Oven Cakery – Shari B.
    I am going to make a big statement here: Lovin’ Oven is the best bakery I have ever been to. I know I will get a lot of heat for this but it is my favorite along with thousands of Lake County residents as well. Adding a second location in 2009 to downtown Libertyville proves my point. Psst–the chocolate chip coffee cake is the bomb. Lovin’ Oven also made our list for best cupcakes in Lake County.
    Lovin’ Oven Cakery
    2207 N. Illinois 83, Round Lake Beach | (847) 231-4700
    355 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (847) 207-4500
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  4. Pizza from Ron’s Italian Ovens – Melissa B.
    All I know is that they serve this pizza at our local high school concession stands and thousands of hungry teenagers can’t be wrong. Oh and this is right next door to Lovin’ Oven, so pick up some cupcakes for dessert.Ron’s also made our list for Best Party Catering in Lake County.
    Ron’s Italian Oven’s
    2195 N. Illinois 83, Round Lake Beach | (847) 231-6269
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  5. Chicken Parmesan from Ristorante Bottaio- Lisa M.
    Ristorante Bottaio also made our Fan Favorites list for Best Italian Restaurants in Lake County. Read Jessica’s article here.
    Ristorante Bottaio
    946 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (847) 573-1800
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  6. Gyros from Mama K’s- Rebecca B.
    I know the source of this tip and he is a good one. Go for the pizza too.
    Mama K’s Pizza Grille
    5250 Grand Ave. Suite 4, Gurnee | (847) 249-8229
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  7. Tacos from Lewis Fresh Market – Felita S.
    According to my friend Felita, you can get delicious one dollar tacos here. Check it out because this store looks amazing.
    Lewis Fresh Market
    2727 W. Grand Ave., Waukegan | (847) 693-3100
    1600 Lewis Ave., Waukegan | (847) 249-3445
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    Photo credit Bill’s Pizza & Pub on Facebook

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  8. Double-decker pizza from Bill’s Pub – Jennifer J.
    So many delicious pizza choices in Lake County but if you’ve never had a Bill’s Pizza, you haven’t really eaten in Lake County. Bill’s also made our Fan Favorites list of Best Pizza in Lake County.
    Bill’s Pizza and Pub
    624 S. Lake St.,  Mundelein | (847) 566-5380
    Bill’s Pub North
    18945 W. Washington St., Third Lake | (847) 548-9900
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  9. Duck fat fries from Bulldog’s Grill – Melissa H.
    Bulldog’s also made our Fan Favorites list of the Best Cheeseburgers in Lake County.
    Bulldog’s Grill
    122 S. Main St., Wauconda | (847) 526-8234
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  10. Garlic rolls from Bob Chinn’s Crab House – Jennifer J.
    Just over the Lake County border in Cook County, but it is worth the trip.FOR THE MAI TAI’S ALONE. Did I yell that?
    Bob Chinn’s Crab House
    393 S. Milwaukee Ave., Wheeling | (847) 520-3633
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  11. Italian Beef from Portillo’s – Rosemary B.
    I think this is a given. We talked about Portillo’s cake shake in our 100 things to do in Winter article.
    Gurnee Mills – 6102 W. Grand Ave., Gurnee | (847) 264-5060
    Portillo’s w/ Barnelli’s
    221 E. Townline Rd., Vernon Hills | (847) 367-7290
  12. Pupusa’s from Pupusita Express in Lake Zurich – Michelle P.
    I have been meaning to go here with my friend Shannon for forever but we never got around to it. We will after Michelle’s raving review of their pupusa’s. What is a pupusa? It’s fun to say isn’t it? It is a Salvadorean dish sandwich made with tortillas, meat, cheese and refried beans. I just want to go so I can say ONE PUPUSA PLEASE! It’s fun to say.
    Pupusita Express
    69 S. Rand Rd., Lake Zurich| (847) 550-5325 Now in Round Lake Beach at 1114 N. Cedar Lake Road
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  13. Chocolate dipped strawberries from Long Grove Confectionery – Jennifer J.
    Worth every penny. Treat yourself today because you deserve it. Yeah you do!
    Long Grove Confectionery
    220 Robert Parker Coffin Rd., Long Grove | (847) 634-0080
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    Wayne’s Breakfast Pizza | Photo Source Wayne’s Facebook Page
  14. Breakfast Pizza from Wayne’s
    Who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast? I’m not talking day old cold pizza either. Wayne’s makes a thick and fluffy (it’s been described as yeasty and yummy) crust and tops it with scrambled eggs and cheese, you can also add bacon and veggies. It’s basically an omelet on top of a pizza crust and Melissa’s husband says it’s the best breakfast around
    Wayne’s Pizza
    34197 N. US Highway 45, Third Lake | (847) 223-2441

What are your can’t-miss items to eat in Lake County?




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