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1000 books before kindergarten suggestions

My toddler and I are working through the Grayslake Area Public Library’s 1,000 books before Kindergarten program. We have finally finished our second 100 books! It’s not because it took us 4 months to read 100 books, but because it took us 4 months to remember to write them down when we read them!

As a reminder,  my daughter is two so there are not 100 different books, we read some {a lot} of the same books over and over and some I couldn’t find images of. We also re-read a lot of our favorites from the first 100 and I didn’t duplicate those here.

2nd100Books by pbinmyhair on Polyvore

Here are 3 that we love a lot (bigger images above with heart). If you click on the picture it should take you to Polyvore where you can get titles and links for each individual book.

No Two Alike, Keith Baker
We are Keith Baker fans. We love his pretty but simple books with nature themes are loved by all ages in our house. Which is important since we are rarely reading to just one child at a time. This book follows a pair of birds through a winter landscape pointing out how everything is unique, even when they look the same, like snow flakes, they are still unique. A great lesson for a child with many siblings to be reminded that they are each special and different in their own way.

The Little White Owl, Tracey Corderoy
I probably enjoyed this book as much as the kids did! A happy but lonely little Owl living alone in the arctic travels to find other owls and learns that he may be alone but he is filled with stories. It beautifully illustrates to children that there is beauty inside each of us even if you can’t see it on the outside.

Bears on Chairs, Shirley Parenteau
This cute little board book will be one you won’t mind reading over and over again as 4 cute bears learn how to share.


What are your little ones reading?


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