books to get kids building

Books to get Your Kids Building

September 25, 2014 Melissa Haak 0

Encourage your LEGO builder to think outside of the box and with these books Hand picked by LEGO Expert Lidia Voelker they will engage your children in creative play and new ideas. […]

Parents Confess to Food that ate as children

We ate What?

September 23, 2014 Melissa Haak 0

For many of us, especially those of us parents of a certain (cough born in the 70’s cough) age we grew up eating things that we wouldn’t even think about letting our kids eat. We […]

Dance academy of Libertyville
Dance academy of Libertyville
Remembering 9-11

September 11 – Never Forget

September 11, 2014 Genevieve 0

My children weren’t even born yet on that awful day in 2001.  But, thanks to the news coverage, they get to relive those awful events with us every year.  Thanks to their school commemorations tthey’ve […]

Dance academy of Libertyville