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New schedule and new class offerings

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Did you know, according to the Harvard Medical School, that dance improves mood, cognitive skills and decision making, reduces stress, and helps develop long term memory and executive functions? Not to mention, IT’S FUN! With Dancenter North’s new classes for the fall, now dancers of all ages can experience health, wellness, and fun! Read on to see how you can be a part of this incredible studio and learn about fall registration at Dancenter North!

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Although summer just got started, the world of dance is gearing up for fall. Dancenter North, founded in 1974 in Libertyville, will be opening up their much anticipated fall registration on July 1st. If you have a currently, wish-to-be, or used-to-be dancer, take a look at all the new options that DCN is offering this year. DCN has listened to the requests of the parents, and they have worked hard to modify their class syllabus to offer a beneficial and productive way to teach their kids. The staff is thrilled to be introducing some exciting new additions!

A new year means new changes, and Dancenter North has a new and improved schedule. It has shifted slightly with the fall 16-week schedule ending before the holidays, and the new spring 19-week schedule beginning after winter break. The spring pricing will reflect the additional instruction.

fall registration at dancenter north
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Fall Registration at Dancenter North

Classes for Younger Dancers

If you have a tiny twinkle toes, the age requirement for pre-tap has been lowered to aged four, so even your littlest dancers can join in the fun. DCN’s highly successful elementary hip-hop class has expanded, offering two class options to accommodate lots of ‘hip’ kids. Since they now have a great group of boys learning all styles of dance and would like for them to be able to continue building on the knowledge they’ve already gained, there will be a Boys’ Fusion 2, while any new boys entering the program will join Boys’ Fusion 1. And DCN’s traditional ballet, jazz, modern, lyrical, Broadway, break dance, and tap offerings are still all options for a variety of ages and levels.

fall registration at dancenter north

Classes for Older Dancers

Not only kids have a love of dance. DCN is offering a Golden Age Dance class for ages 50+. This gently-paced dance class will offer ballet, jazz, broadway, tap, and creative movement to all experiences, levels, and abilities. They also will be providing adult dance classes focusing on ballet, hip-hop, tap, and Broadway. Not only are these dance classes fun, but they provide a great workout too! The hugely successful Mommy and Me classes will also be offered again. This is an excellent opportunity to get the students off on the right foot (no pun intended), and it also gives the parents a glimpse into what the future may be like if their dancers decide to continue. Parents get to see how the teachers are teaching proper terminology, classroom etiquette, etc. while still incorporating fun, creative, improvisational skills that are important and continue through all levels of dance.

If you are looking for a dance studio that promotes character and leadership as well as exemplary dance instruction, then look no further than Dancenter North in Libertyville. According to Owner Karen Sue Landrian,

In my opinion, one of the biggest things that sets our studio apart is the dedication of our teachers. They are always thinking about the students. Parents and students alike call DCN their “home away from home.” The entire staff encourages the students to care for one another, to look out for each other, and we ask the older students to be aware that they are role models.

If you have experienced or non-experienced dancers in your family, or if you would like to give it a try yourself, jump on Dancenter North’s website on July 1st to make sure you get the class you want!

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