25 Ways You Know You’re NOT from Lake County

You’re not from around here are you?

Last year, we shared 25 Ways You Know You’re From Lake County; but, how can you identify an out-of-towner who may need a little extra help navigating the culture of our fair county? It’s real simple if you know what to look for…

not from lake county

25 Ways You Know You’re NOT from Lake County

  1. You primarily drive at, or below the posted speed limit.
  2. If you do speed, you speed in Hainesville.
  3. You stay inside on a sunny day.
  4. You can’t pronounce “Aptakisic.”
  5. You don’t know how to play Cornhole.
  6. You think the best beer is in Milwaukee.
  7. You think you need to go to Chicago to find museums.
  8. You don’t know the difference between Olde Half Day Road and Half Day Road, or Old Grand Avenue and Grand Avenue.
  9. You think Deerfield’s bakery is only in Deerfield.
  10. You believe that Spring and Fall will last longer than 2-4 weeks.
  11. You think you can only go to Lake Michigan to find a beach.
  12. You wonder why there are children at the bar.
  13. You wear a Packers jersey on Tuesday night to Chili’s in Vernon Hills in the Fall.
  14. You are shocked by property taxes.  Not that Lake County folk like them, we are just no longer shocked by them.
  15. You drive on Belvidere Road during rush hour.
  16. You carry change for tolls. 
  17. You don’t realize that I-94 West actually travels north and I-94 East actually travels south.
  18. You think you can get to Chicago in less than an hour on a Friday night. HA! You probably also drive on Belvidere during rush hour.
  19. You look at an open prairie and think to yourself, “What we need is another mattress store.”
  20. You feed the geese.
  21. You wear a winter coat when it is 40 degrees outside.
  22. You think it’s named Lake County because it borders Lake Michigan.
  23. You’re really awesome at parallel parking.
  24. You think Lake Forest is just a place to stop to use the bathroom, fill up on gas and buy a Gatorade.
  25. You have to pay when you enter Independence Grove. Sucks to be you.

What would you add to the list?

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