5 Skills Your Child Gains at Lake County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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This month we have gotten a chance to meet Carlos Archilla owner of Lake County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Today he’s here to share with you what your children will gain by taking Jiu-Jitsu

skills gained with jiu-jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has had a huge impact on my life. I started practicing a little later in life, but I still gained the benefits of training it.

When my wife and I decided to open up Lake County BJJ, we knew one of the main focuses of our kids program wasbuilding the confidence of every child that walked in through our doors.

We have narrowed it down 5 important areas and skills your child will gain and improve in.

5 Skills Your Child will Gain at LCBJJ

Self Defense
Jiu-jitsu is not only an effective self-defense system, but it’s also a great workout for your child. They will become more agile, increase balance, and increase overall motor skills. They will also become stronger and just be more fit overall. Even as adults when wefeel better physically our confidence increases.

Knowing how to defend yourself increases confidence as well. Every child gets a game plan on how to confidently and effectively deal with a bully. The techniques taught in our kids’ beginner classes teach them how take control of a situation with minimal riskto themselves or the aggressor.
Believe it or not, teaching our kids to protect themselvesphysically is the last resort. We utilize our rules of engagement and 3 T’s:Talk, Tell, Tackle.

  • Talk – We confidently talk to the bully and ask them to stop
  • Tell – We tell a teacher or adultabout a bully
  • Tackle – We tackle a bully with verbaljiu-jitsu and only when a bullyphysically attacks us, we can tackle physically.
Skills learned in Jiu-jitsu

Problem Solving
Jiu-jitsu teaches students to remaincalm in high pressure situations and look for the solution. Kids in our classesare put into sparring or sparring like situations to help develop this skill.Techniques in jiu-jitsu have a lot of moving parts. Skipping a step in atechnique will often result in poor execution.

As instructors, we challenge the children to go back and try to figure out where they skipped a step and correct. Kids will learn they need to focus during instruction. They than learn thatfocusing will lead to success in jiu-jitsu and that will eventually willtransfer over to school and grades will improve.

Grow Emotionally
Jiu-jitsu will be challenging for kids. It’s not an easy martial art to learn, they will struggle at times and we teach kids how to deal with challenges. This is a very important skill. We help them deal with their frustrations and channel them into something more positive, determination.  

At Lake County BJJ we preach the growth mindset in kids and adults. There is always different ways to execute a technique. We try and find the appropriate way for each individual. This in turn is one of the best parts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Everyone’s ’jiu-jitsu is different and we do our best to find your child’s jiu-jitsu. 

Improve Socially
Jiu-jitsu is a very social martialart. Kids are consistently talking and giving each other feedback on thetechniques. Camaraderie is built during jiu-jitsu. The conversation turns fromjiujitsu to other topics, and kids become friends. The more social settingkids are able to make friends, the more confident they become when approachingnew social settings. I myself have made lifelong friends in jiu-jitsu. It’sgiven me the confidence to be a more open in social settings as well.

Life Skills
At Lake County BJJ, we have a lifeskills program that is unique to our school. We call it the Code of 26.  Each week your child receives a differentcode. We discuss the importance of the code and how it relates to school, home,and jiu-jitsu class.

Kids get a homework assignment on the codes that they must turn in to receive credit towards their Code of 26 patch.

Our goal with our life skills program is to have your child understand that the martial arts is a way of life, and good decisions must be made on and off the mat.

The LCBJJ kids’ program is a dynamic program aiming tobuild the confidence of our students and to help shape young people to becomeleaders of tomorrow. It’s truly an honor to help develop these amazing youngadults.

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