A Kids Guide to Taking your Parents to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair #ChiTag

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is the largest playdate in the world at the largest toy store you’ve ever seen. No kid would want to miss out on the hundreds (thousands?) of toys, games and interactive fun on November 18 & 19. I can see however how some parents may want to miss out. Because we’re givers here at Little Lake County our children have written this guide to taking your parents to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair. Follow these steps for a fun day for everyone.



Kids Guide to Taking your Parents to the Chicago Toy & Game Fair

  1. Make them breakfast to fuel them up to walk the 194,000 square feet of awesomeness that is the toy fair. We have some suggestion for easy breakfasts, but I would aim for their favorites to really sweeten the deal. French Toast anyone? The key here is to clean up as you go, no messes!
  2. Use your allowance to buy them coffee. They’re going to need it when you find the best toy ever and stay there all day building. Seriously, we’ve been there. Coffee, big as can be. Maybe also bring your walkie-talkies and a stadium seat so they can sit down and enjoy that coffee while they wait.

  1. Play up the educational value. Seriously it’s educational. Play is the building blocks of learning, ChiTag knows this, check out their resources on the Importance of Play. Plus there are also tons of educational toys! Games, coding, STEM, science kits – you can find all sorts of smart toys at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. Finally their is a Young Inventors Challenge you can see kids your own age creating games it will be educational and inspiring!
  2. Appeal to their emotional side and bring up the bonding time you will have. They will get a chance to shadow you (the kid) and really see what interests you, what excites you! It’s an opportunity to really learn about your kids outside of school work and extracurriculars.
  3. Shopping made easy. Beat the mall crowds and don’t worry about shipping issues. From many of the vendors you can buy right there at the fair and SAVE with discounts and show specials. Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving? YES PLEASE.
  4. SAVE! Appeal to their frugal side.Our readers can save 50% off on tickets by using the code: ChiTAGPLAY Code must be used to REGISTER HERE: https://2017chitagfairtickets.eventbrite.com

chicago toy and game fair

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is the largest fair that is open to kids of all ages! So grab your kids, a coffee and the discount above and we will see you there!

Chicago Toy & Game Fair
November 18-19, 2017
Navy Pier, Chicago

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