A Mom Like You – Meet Holly “A Mom Who Wears (Too) Many Hats”

From Highland Park to Hainesville, the Lake County suburbs are vast and everyone is looking for that parent who’s just like them. This month we’re taking a look “Behind the Trike” and meeting the parents who bring Lake County to you every day. Today we’re meeting Holly our “Mom who wears (too) many hats”.

What is your favorite outdoor spot or activity? 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our forest preserves. I feel so fortunate to live where I do and have access to them. I enjoy walking, running, or riding bikes on the great trail system, or just exploring with the kids. We visit McDonald’s Woods and Sun Lake the most frequently, but I really want to try out some of the other parks we haven’t been to yet.

What is the best place in your town to eat with your kids? 

One of my favorite places to eat with the kids is Grande Letty’s (formerly Grande Jake’s). I like the casual atmosphere and HUGE menu. The staff is always friendly, and Letty herself is almost always there waiting tables. The chips and salsa that are brought to the table as soon as you sit down are an absolute gift to parents dining with antsy little ones, but the food usually comes out very quickly. Another bonus for me is that I can easily order vegetarian meals off the menu or alter meat dishes to be vegetarian; they are very accommodating. If you visit, don’t pass up the cinnamon & sugar chips at the register, they make a great after-dinner treat!

holly garvey

What is the hidden gem or local event that you do not want to miss in town? 

Every year, we participate in Antioch’s Run For Freedom 5k on the 4th of July. The laid-back race is the kickoff for our town’s 4th of July festivities. They close off roads on the north side of town, and all the residents chill out in their front yards to watch the race and cheer on the runners. It almost feels like a parade sometimes. Many residents hand out water and have sprinklers set up along the road because even though the race starts in the morning, it is always hot out. People of all different running abilities participate, and there are many walkers and strollers, too. I always enjoy seeing all the little kids that participate. I finish the race with a renewed sense of pride in my small town and a warm affection for my community.

holly garvey

What is the one song that can lift your mood no fail?

Without fail, “Cecelia” by Simon & Garfunkel will always pick me up. My daughter is named Cecilia, but it’s actually a family name. We have re-written a G-rated version of the song to sing to her.

What is the food that you love so much if it dropped on the floor you would eat it anyways ( or you would eat it off your kids’ plate after they took a bite)

Cheese! I love all kinds of cheese, from plain old mozzarella sticks to fancy cheeses with names I can’t pronounce.

holly garvey

Holly is a mom who sometimes wears too many hats! She calls Antioch home and lives there with her husband, rescue dog, and two kids (Cecilia and Mark). She previously spent 10 years running a pit bull rescue and adoption group. She is currently taking a temporary leave from it to be a stay-at-home mom. Read more from Holly.

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A Mom Like You - Meet Holly \
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