A Mom Like You- Meet Krystal The Fiery Southern Mama

From Highland Park to Hainesville, the Lake County suburbs are vast and everyone is looking for that parent who’s just like them. This month we’re taking a look “Behind the Trike” and meeting the parents who bring Lake County to you every day. Today we meet our newest writer, Krystal, “the Fiery Southern mama.”

Krystal is “the coolest stay-at-home mom on the block.” She moved to Lake County from Missouri and was born in Texas. In a previous life, she was a teacher and a Youth Pastor. She’s mama to a precious little girl.

Where do you find inspiration?

In my daughter. I love watching her discover new things. My favorite thing in the world is to sit and watch her mull over a problem and then come up with a solution.

Best advice (and from whom) you have received as a mom?

Best advice was from my own mother. She said, You will know when something is not right. I was researching every symptom and my mom told me to stop, that it would make me go crazy. She said to just watch and listen to my baby, she would tell me when something was wrong.

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What room in your house would you be most embarrassed of if someone dropped by unannounced?

Oh, Geeze, right now, that is probably my kitchen. I am constantly cooking something or another, but I am not always the best at cleaning up.

Can you remember how you felt the first time your child was  placed in your arms?

I remember feeling an intense sense of joy. I delivered via C-Section, so I was unable to hold her for a while. They immediately took her to the NICU and started to prep me for recovery. I was finally able to hold her a few hours later after they got her stable. I was overwhelmed at the amount of joy such a tiny little person could give me.

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What is the most daring think you have ever done?

My daring thing was skydiving! I am not a good flier. I have a problem with being several thousands of feet above solid ground. As a graduation present to myself, a few friends and I jumped out of a perfectly good plane. It was the craziest thing I have ever done, and I would never do it again, but it was fantastic!

What has been your most outrageous “real mom” moment?

I have been fortunate that I have not had too many outrageous moments, but recently my daughter came up to me and told me that there was a penny in her tummy. This floored me. Where did she get a penny? What possessed her to swallow it? When I asked her, she said, “Cause I can.” That pretty much sums up her entire attitude.

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A Mom Like You- Meet Krystal The Fiery Southern Mama
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