A Mom Like You – Meet Tracy a “Single Mama”

From Highland Park to Hainesville, the Lake County suburbs are vast and everyone is looking for that parent who’s just like them. This month we’re taking a look “Behind the Trike” and meeting the parents who bring Lake County to you every day. Today we’re meeting Tracy our “Single Mama”

What is the best class or activity you have done with your kids?

It feels like Christmas morning every time a new park district book is delivered to my house. I love signing my son up for classes to give him different experiences. Our most recent favorite class is swimming lessons at Foss Swim School. It used to be a real struggle to get my son to take a bath. However, after only a few lessons, he has been asking to take baths and have water poured on his head – it is incredible! Other favorite classes we have done are gymnastics classes and storytime at various libraries. My son has been going to library storytime since he was about six weeks old. We never miss a session.

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Where do you find inspiration?

Pinterest. I am absolutely obsessed with that site. I cannot tell you how many things that I would have never tried if I hadn’t discovered that website – sewing a dinosaur hoodie (when I had never touched a sewing machine before), baking s’mores cookies, and planning an over the top wagon themed first birthday party…. Thanks, Pinterest! I also try to find inspiration in simple things in life, such as my son’s smile, rainy days, chocolate, and my multiple attempts at yoga.

What is your favorite outdoor spot or activity?

I love taking my son on walks outside in nature. It is a total stress reliever to me! No matter how many tantrums my son had that day, how many bills I need to pay, or how tired and crabby I am, a walk outside will fix it all. My favorite places to walk are Independence Grove Forest Preserve and Daniel Wright Woods. However, I will settle for a walk at the local park or around the block.

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Is there a hidden gem or local event that you don’t want to miss in your town?

My son is obsessed with all forms of transportation – planes, trains, cars, boats; he loves them all. Every month Fremont Library in Mundelein has a day where kids can watch model trains zoom around a track, and then they can play with wooden trains themselves. My son will spend hours there, so we try to go every month!

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What are our most challenging moments as a mom?

The most challenging thing for me about being a mom is balancing being young and having a social life while at the same time being a mom and having a ton of responsibilities that other people my age do not have. It is also a challenge for me to be raising my son on my own without his father (especially when I know nothing about trucks, bugs, and other boy things). However, every time that my son smiles or laughs, it makes every struggle that I face entirely worth it, and I know that I am doing just fine!

I know I can beat anyone at the game….

Any of the old Nintendo 64 games- especially the game Mario Kart. I never lose!

Tracy is a young, single Mom living in Mundelein with her son, Jayden. She dreams of someday being considered a “cool” mom and she can still remember the days when she had time to put on makeup in the morning.

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A Mom Like You - Meet Tracy a \
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