Little Lake County is for parents, grandparents, caregivers, families, anyone who is looking for:

Where to Play in Lake County

Where to Shop in Lake County

Where to Eat in Lake County

Basically people who want to do their living, where they live. 

Little Lake County is the premiere online resource for parents in Lake County, Illinois,  located between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, just south of the the IL/WI border. Think of us as a digital magazine written by parents, for parents about everything Lake County.  Whether you’re looking for a fun weekend activity with your family, a place to take your toddler when it rains, or a preschool to enroll your child in the Fall, Lake County parents turn to Little Lake County for the answers.

Our primary goal is to build local connections. We connect…

  • Parents with their children by informing them of events and activities where they can spend quality time together.
  • Parents with other parents through our active and popular Facebook page, a digital coffee klatsch for modern-day parents to share their thoughts, ideas, and advice with one another.
  • Parents with local, regional and national businesses that serve their family’s diverse needs.

We have built an honest dialogue with our readers since 2010 and they trust us for where-to-go, what-to-do, and who-to-see in Lake County.

Our Story

Melissa Haak founded Little Lake County in 2010.  A Lake County transplant, mother of two small children, and freelance writer, Melissa was frustrated on how to difficult it was to find ways to entertain her children.  She knew the information was out there, but she could only find it through luck and word-of-mouth.

Melissa gathered together a small crew of five moms and Little Lake County was born.  Our mission then is the same as it is today, to connect Lake County parents with the family-friendly events, venues, products, and services that meet their needs. Years later, Melissa now has four children, over twenty writers, and thousands of loyal and active readers.

Our writers are all “real-life” Moms and Dads who are passionate about what Lake County has to offer families.  They volunteer their time to share their finds with you.

We have a small, dedicated Editorial Staff made up of work-at-home moms trying to fit the full-time job of running Little Lake County in between school drop-offs, soccer practice, changing diapers, cooking dinner, and kissing boo boo’s.  Sometimes, we might even work out. If you are trying to reach us, please be patient.  At Little Lake County, family always comes first.

Do you have more questions about who we are and what we do?  Check out our FAQ for more information.

The best way to get to know us is to hang with us! So subscribelike us, and join us as we explore Lake County with our little ones.



  1. I’m wondering if you have any connections with or know about any language immersion programs or tutoring, specifically in Spanish for early elementary age near southern/central Lake County.

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