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As a family we love cars. I have an affinity for the details, design, and chrome in the cars of the 40-50’s. My son loves anything with an engine. So on a recent rainy day we decided to take an adventure to the Volo Auto Museum (27582 W. Volo Village Rd, Volo, IL 60073).The first thing we learned is that it’s not the best rainy day location in Lake County. We imagined all the cars in big garages/showrooms. However there were quiet a few cars and military vehicles outside, in fact there is a whole military museum which we didn’t visit. There is also a playground and picnic area. While the walkways between the buildings are mostly covered we were doing a lot of duck and run. Next time we will definitely visit on a sunny/dry day.

volo auto museum

The first room you start in is the “kids” room. It’s filled with cars from movies, mostly children’s movies. There is a Cinderella carriage, The Cat and The Hat’s car, Dick Tracy, Flintstones, Bugs Bunny, and Speed Racer. The first thing I noticed, it’s very, very loud. My 3 year old was terrified. She didn’t want to go in because it was so loud and because there was a large King Kong  figure in the room. Volume proved to be a problem as we moved through the whole museum. Many of the movie cars had TVs next to them playing the movie. Which was not a big deal for say the Flintstones, but I wish I had known that as my son ran ahead and was watching Terminator!

Other then the volume in the rooms we had a great time. My son was in heaven to have so many cars to look at and just ran from one car to the next. There are 5 showrooms of cars (including the kids movie room) as well as the military Combat Zone. There are also cars set out around the ground between the showrooms, and the restoration garage had it’s doors open so kids could see them working on cars as well. If you have a car enthusiast this is a must see. I would personally recommend it for 4-5 years and older and if you have a child with sound or sensory issues I would skip it, or come with extra hands so you can stay outside.

volo auto museum

Volo Auto Museum is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year. The Museum is open year round and hosts special events throughout the year including a Military Festival on Father’s Day weekend. At the site there is also a Antique mall, but since I was alone with the kids we didn’t visit it.

Volo Auto Museum
27582 W. Volo Village Rd, Volo | 815-385-3644
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10am-5pm daily (closed some holidays)
Free Parking
$10 per adult, $8 seniors, veterans/active military, $6 children 5-12
Free for children under 5 and military personal in uniform

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