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What you need at the push of a button.

There is nothing worse than going to get coffee in the morning and finding an empty container.

amazon dash button

Actually, grabbing anything you need from coffee to sandwich bags and finding an empty container is the worst. In a house of six people, the number of times I find empty containers when I need something is pretty high, especially with 4 kids who make their own school lunches! Many a morning has been spent rushing to the store before school because someone didn’t tell us when they took the last piece of bread, baggie, container, fill in the blank.

Well Amazon is changing that with it’s Amazon Dash button, making my home feel a little more like the home the Jetson’s made me think I would have when we approached 2020! The Amazon Dash button is easy, convenient and even better – a kids can use it!

amazon dash button

Amazon Dash Button is a physical button that you can connect to your Amazon Prime Account to re-order household products. Anything from the pantry items to personal hygiene and more! We set ours up to take care of 3 items we are always out of: cat litter, baggies and coffee.

The set up is so easy, all done through the Amazon app on your phone. You choose the products that you use the most and want on the Amazon Dash Button and set it up. The Amazon Dash Buttons use Bluetooth to talk to your phone and your home’s WiFi to order. All the buttons come with sticky backs and a hanger so you can put them near the item to really make the reorder process run smoother.

amazon dash


Now the sticky side did not work so well for us, the buttons are kind of heavy, but the hangers are great. We currently have them all lined up in a drawer so the big kids can order with one touch and the toddlers need help to get to them, the other downside of placement toddlers love buttons! That’s okay though because within seconds of pressing the Amazon Dash Button an alert pops up on your phone saying you ordered.

amazon dash alerts


From there you can manage the order, cancel if you need to and track it. It’s so easy and convenient and was very empowering for our older kids to know that they could order items we need without our help. Orders are shipped via Prime and arrive in the normal 1-2 days.  It’s really made getting some of our standard home supplies and pantries items so much easier, apparently when you’re a teenager it’s way easier to press a button when you take the last bag than to write it on a list. It feels one step closer to just telling Rosie the Robot what you’re out of and having it appear at your house.

Amazon has more than 250 Amazon Dash Buttons, ranging from household essentials to beverages & grocery to pets, and beyond. I plan on getting them for all the thing my teenager fails to tell us he is out of like toothpaste, maybe I’ll put one at the bottom of the cereal boxes! Under the dryer sheets, next to the toilet paper. There are so many possibilities and ways to ensure I am not running to the store at 10pm!

Amazon Dash buttons are available to all Amazon Prime Members, and are essentially free as you are credited the $4.99 with your first order. Learn more about the Amazon Dash Button and get yours at Amazon today.

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