Antioch Theatre Restored and Re-opened!

Antioch, IL

After a long effort to restore and re-open, the historic downtown Antioch Theatre marquee is lit again (they even fixed that burned-out “R” this week), and this Antioch girl couldn’t be any more excited!

antioch theatre
Historic Downtown Antioch Theatre Now Open! | image property of Antioch Theatre

My husband and I visited the theatre the first week the doors were open (thumbs up for date night!). As a resident and supporter of the effort, I am very proud of the restoration; the exterior is beautiful–it looks exactly how an old, hometown theatre on Main Street should.

There is now a functioning outdoor ticket window, which is convenient for grabbing your tickets in advance. Downtown Antioch is full of great little restaurants. You can buy your tickets ahead of time, grab a quick dinner, and then head back for a show and dessert. Both popcorn and soda come with free refills. At the concession counter, all the traditional movie theatre candies are available, and they even carry fresh confections from Something Sweet, also located in town. The lobby of the theatre is a little small, so I’d suggest getting there a bit on the earlier side to purchase your goodies.

antioch theatre
Antioch Theatre 1924 | image property of Antioch Theatre

There are now two separate screens with the addition of the new “Boutique Theatre.” This 36-seat theatre will be available for private events, too. The interior is all-new, remodeled in a traditional style. Aesthetically speaking, I’m sad to see the old red velvet seats go, but the new ones are much more comfortable. The balcony has been remodeled, and it is bigger than before with the removal of the projector room.

There are so many reasons to visit Antioch Theatre. You’ll hear us proclaiming “Shop Local!”, “Eat Local,” “Visit Downtown —-!” a lot here at Little Lake County, and all of those apply here. But even if those don’t motivate you, Antioch Theatre is still worth the visit. Compared to an overwhelming multiplex theatre experience, the quaint theatre is a breath of fresh air. And then there is the expense of seeing a movie these days! I estimate that we spent about half the amount on tickets and treats at Antioch Theatre as we would have at a big box theatre.

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Antioch Theatre
378 Lake Street, Antioch IL 60002
(224) 788-8899 Movieline  |    (847) 395-0425 Office

By: Holly G.

Holly keeps busy with freelance writing, as well as many volunteer ventures including PTO, dog rescue, and Lakes Region Historical Society. She is quick to pitch in for a good cause. She is an aspiring vegan, Jazzercise addict, runner, coffee junkie, and enjoys cooking.

Antioch Theatre Restored and Re-opened!

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