Giggles and Wiggles at Vernon Area Public Library

Lincolnshire, IL

Editor’s Note: This is a personal review from 2014. Current class offerings and your experience may differ.

As a mom to twenty-one-month-old twin boys, I’m always looking for fun and engaging activities for us to get out of the house and socialize with others. During this incredibly long and cold winter, our number one destination has been the Vernon Area Public Library in Lincolnshire. Although we do not officially live within the district, the library is so welcoming to everyone, and Ms. Heather’s baby and toddler storytimes rock!

Baby and Toddler Storytime at Vernon Area Public Library

We have been regulars at the Giggles and Wiggles storytime for ages 15-24 months (although, as Ms. Heather says, that’s just a suggested age range, it’s not a rule). There are many reasons this is our favorite library storytime in the area. First, it’s in a separate meeting room. Toddlers do not like to sit long and are prone to getting up and moving around. Storytimes in the children’s library area can be tricky, as kids get up and dart between the shelves and quickly disappear. This is especially difficult when you are attending storytime with two toddlers, darting off in two different directions. Being in a contained meeting room eliminates that problem and keeps the noise of the toddlers away from the general library. Next, there is no registration required. Just show up, and join in. Plus, the schedule is regular and predictable, which is what toddlers and their caregivers crave the most.

Wiggels and Giggles at VAPLD
Photo by Emily Hernandez Photography

Giggles and Wiggles typically follow three weeks on and one week off. There are always storytime calendars handed out, so you can make sure to have the schedule well in advance. But, our favorite thing about this storytime is definitely Ms. Heather and her energetic attitude. Toddlers cannot sit through multiple books quietly. They like to get up and wiggle. Ms. Heather structures the storytime with singing, dancing, a parade, and parachute time. It’s a great mix of sitting and listening and then getting up to move those bodies.  Each week she covers colors, shapes, sounds, and movement in a clear, fun, and educational way.  In the past few months, we have seen attendance grow, as word of how great the program is has spread.  Thankfully, the meeting room is big, and Ms. Heather has made sure to have enough bells and shakers so that everyone can join in.

Ms HEather at VAPLD
Photo by Emily Hernandez Photography

In addition to Giggles and Wiggles, my family has participated in many reading clubs, preschool storytimes, jamma tales, and other Vernon Area Library programs over the last eight years. One program in particular that we loved when our older kids, now ages 6 & 8, were just a bit younger, was the preschool science detectives. Some programs require registration; you can check it all out at the kids’ events calendar on the library website.

The library went through a major renovation last year. There is now a self serve cafe, lots of comfortable reading nooks, an updated kids area with iPads, a LEGO area, a tween zone, and a craft table, plus a very bright, open, inviting atmosphere.

Storytime at VAPLD
Photo by Emily Hernandez Photography

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What’s your favorite Library program?

Giggles and Wiggles at Vernon Area Public Library
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