Back to School: Lazy Bento Box Ideas


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Shh! Do you hear that? That was another back-to-school ad playing on the TV. While you’re thinking about classroom supply lists, back-to-school physicals, and after-school activities don’t forget to plan for lunches!

Packing your kids lunch shouldn’t be a daunting task. Not only is it Eco friendly (if everything you use is reusable), but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run. There are so many ways to pack a lunch, Pinterest is a goldmine of ideas. But don’t let the fancy styling fool you. You can be lazy and still impress with Bento Lunch Box Ideas.

easy bento lunch box ideas

Easy Bento Lunch Box Ideas

Here are some of my favorite ideas for quick and easy lunches that will impress even the pickiest of critics.

Take a lunch from a boring same old sandwich to some pizazz with a new shape.

Bento Box Ideas

Why spend a ton of money to buy one box of cheese, crackers, ham, and maybe a juice that contains tons of yucky sugars? It’s easy to gather all of the ingredients. Cupcake wrappers help keep everything together during transport.

easy Bento Box lunch Ideas

I would have never thought to use ramen noodles in a lunch box. Just drain the noodles, use the packet of seasoning and this should be cooled off by the time the kids have lunch.

easy Bento Box lunch Ideas

Special note: you don’t have to use the cute bento boxes (even though you can purchase some here, here, and here). Using plain old Zip Lock containers works just fine. You can spruce them up with cupcake liners and cutting your food into shapes if you want to make the lunch a little more fun.

{Editor’s Note: We personally love Easy Lunchboxes! So durable they have lasted us four years so far! Read our review}

There are so many ideas out there that we made a Pinterest board for them!

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by Rosemary Bridges
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Back to School: Lazy Bento Box Ideas

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