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Whether you are starting school for the first time or the 12th time, we’re here to help make that transition from summer fun to book reports as painless as possible. Little Lake County has everything you need to do to get ready for Back-to-School.

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We know Back-to-School 2020 looks a little different, we will be adding information and helpful articles at the end. Click on the Fall 2020 link below to jump right to it.

Back-to-Shool in Lake County

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Kindergarten In Lake County

Each state has different age requirements; as a general rule, Illinois allows children to enter kindergarten at age five (by September 1).

All kindergartners need an eye exam and dental exam. These are our favorite eye doctors and dentists. Is your kid scared of the dentist? We can help with that too! 

Kindergarten feels like a HUGE milestone. You are sending your child off for the first time to start their educational journey. We’ve been there, and we’re here to help make it easier for you.

Finding Your Child’s School
School boundaries in Lake County can be confusing; check your tax bill or the Lake County GIS Maps to find your school district. Another place to look is If you are still not sure, call your local district to be sure you know which school to register your child.

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Illinois Health Requirements  for School

Physical, vision, and dental examinations are important to schedule before the school year gets underway. Although schools prefer to get all required paperwork before school starts, and schools can legally change to earlier dates, the official State of Illinois deadlines are as follows:

  • Physical exam, immunization records, and vision exam must be on file at schools by October 15
  • The dental exam must be on file by May 15.

If your child does not have the required documents, or an exemption, on file by the deadline, they will be excluded from school until proof of examination is received.

Sports physicals DO NOT count as physical examinations but are typically due one-to-two weeks before sports try-outs. Be sure to set up your sports physical at the right time to cover the entire school year.  Medication consent forms are also required if your child will need medication administered while at school.

Illinois Health Requirement by Grade

Pre-kindergarten: Physical exam.
Kindergarten: Physical exam, dental exam, vision exam,  immunizations (Polio, DTaP, MMR, Hib, and Varicella).
First grade: If this is the child’s first entry into school, follow Kindergarten requirements.
Second grade: Dental exam, immunizations (MMR)
Fifth grade: Immunization (Hepatitis B series completed).
Sixth grade: Physical exam, dental exam, immunizations (Hepatitis B, Tdap, Meningococcal).
Seventh grade: Immunizations (Meningococcal), sports physicals.
Eighth grade: Sports physical.

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Transitioning to School after Vacation

Whether you try to stay on schedule over the summer or soak up every firefly catching minute, there is usually some adjustments when the school buses start rolling down the street. As parents ourselves, we know that with a little bit of planning, you can make that transition to school easy as 1-2-3.

Calm everyone’s nerves and get them ready for a new year with a trip to the library for some great reads:

It’s not just the kids that need transitioning; it’s mom and dad too! Here are some tips for you to put plans in place to make this a stress free year for you and the kids! 

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Best School Supplies

School Supplies, there is so much required, but there are also many things that you will find you need that are not included on the supply list. Kari has gathered some up for you so you can be fully prepared.

Some of our favorite products: 

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First Day of School Traditions

Thanks to Pinterest there are no shortage of ideas on how to document and celebrate the first day of school, here are some watered down (read: real moms) first day of school traditions.

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Homework Help

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Fall 2020

Fall 2020 looks different than a regular school year. If you are looking for options, we have them. Find in-person schools, e-learning assistance, and tutors in our Fall 2020 Education Options Guide.

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