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One of the first supplies on everyone’s list is a backpack. For me, this is a must-be durable item as I have a boy who tosses, drags, and is generally rough on everything he uses. Today we are highlighting a product that lasts, L.L. Bean Backpacks.

Products that Last: L.L. Bean Backpacks

I bought my first L.L. Bean backpack over five years ago when my son entered his twos program. At that time, I wanted small- he was little – and I wanted no commercial characters as I figured whoever he loved at 2, he wouldn’t like at 3.

This is his bag 5 years later:

Still in one piece (albeit a bit dirty) ad still being used. He currently keeps it in the car with his car activities. I came upon L.L. Bean accidentally and have been so pleased with the quality. As you can see there is no fraying, no rips, and all the zippers still work! We are now the owner of three L.L.Bean backpacks, these are the two we will use this school year:

The one on the left is a year old. He got it for first grade, and aside from some scuffs on the reflective strip is still in great condition. It’s the Original Book Pack size. This year we bought the matching lunch box after my son broke the zipper on his other lunch box only a month into the school year. Since the backpack has no characters on it, I don’t have to worry about it not being cool this year. I think camo is to boys as flowers are to girls. I’m expecting this to last him until at least 5th grade to move up to the bigger size.

The bag on the right is the Original Junior Book Pack (same as the 5year old blue one above). It was used in preschool for one year and has just been used in the car and to play with for the last year (her pre-4 provided a bag). It’s coming out now for kindergarten, and she is so excited! She loves that it’s pink and just like her brothers, although small enough she doesn’t tip over from it!

In my opinion, L.L. Bean has proven to be worth every penny.

I asked on my Facebook page about durable backpacks, and in addition to L.L. Bean, Jansport was recommended (I do still have one from college) and Pottery Barn Kids (I have no experience with those).

Editor’s update: All backpacks pictures are still being used and in one piece in 2018! 2021 update – all bags are still in one piece! They are currently used for travel as all the kids have upgraded to larger sizes.

How about you? Do you a suggestion for backpacks that last or do you buy a new one every year?

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Back to School Products that last - LL Bean Backpacks
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  1. Llbean backpacks are awesome. They have a lifetime guarantee so if a zipper breaks, or the fabric tears, etc, you call them and they replace for free. They send you a brand new backpack for free. Even if it’s 12 yrs later and the zipper breaks. To me, well worth the money! We just got one for our 10 yr old as his jansport died after 3 years. Our oldest has had his llbean for 4 yrs and it is still brand new!

  2. Surprisingly, we have had the same Pottery Barn Kids backpack since K also (daughter going into 3rd grade). Like the ones above, it’s a bit dirty (word to the wise; buy a dark fabric!) but in great shape – no rips, tears, fraying, etc. One of the zipper toggle pulls came off (which doesn’t affect a thing). The fabirc is nice and thick and it has served us well for the past 3 years. We are only going to a new bag this year because we need to go up a size…and it’s another (darker!) PBK backpack! Their bags are a great deal on sale and usually ship free. Oh and the lunchboxes/bags are great too!

  3. I laughed when I saw the blue backpack. Like the aluma wallet, its almost industructible! I have two boys who are hard on everything, but our LL Bean backpack is still going strong! Looks brand new after two years!

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