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You have picked out and purchased the backpacks, basics, and lunch boxes that you are sure will last more than one school year, but there is one catch…your kid is forgetful. Or your husband is prone to putting things down and walking away. Either way, you are worried that all these great products you just bought are going to end up in the neverland of things kids and husbands lose, or the school lost and found.

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I had heard the social media hype for years about how great Mabel’s Labels are but honestly? Labels are the last thing on my mind. I’m the mom who is always asking to borrow a marker the first time we have cold weather because none of her kid’s stuff is labeled, ever. It was just never something I thought of.

Last year, I dropped a small fortune on supplies, and I thought, I do not want to lose these. Specifically, I wanted to make sure all the expensive new stainless steel water bottles we switched to came home every day!

school labels, mabel's labels

Mabel’s Labels sent me an Ultimate Back to School Combo pack to get my kindergartner ready to head to school and ensure that all her cute new things come home!  The Combo kit includes:

Perfect for labeling everything. They also stand up to anything your kids can throw at them. If you look at the previous back to school posts, you may see some of them we got last year for my son. None – not one – of my son’s tags faded, wore off, or fell off. Even after multiple washes through the dishwasher, they are all still perfect. Ever the skeptic, my husband had to admit amazement that they had not been lost in the dishwasher.

Even the shoe labels have lasted totally intact. I wish I had seen these Preschool Shoe labels last year when we were working on left and right with my daughter

school labels, mabel's labels

How cute are they? The kids learn left and right (or at least what foot to put their shoes on) by matching the two halves of the picture.

Also new this year are the Write-Away labels

school labels, mabel's labels

These labels promise the durability of Mabel’s Labels, but you can customize them as needed. I was excited to try these out as my toddler is notorious for throwing stuff from the stroller. I haven’t used any on dishwasher containers yet (the ultimate test!), but I did use it on some school supplies. The instructions said to use a permanent marker, and I used a super fine point Sharpie felt pen, and unfortunately, it bled when I sealed it. I’m not sure if it was the type of pen or if I didn’t let it dry. I’ll be trying them again with a proper permanent marker on some of my toddler’s containers before the fall storytimes start.

Mabel’s Labels also has Allergy Alert Labels that you can put on kids’ water bottles, lunch boxes, etc. to notify or remind their teachers and classmates that they have an allergy. Use our link and get free shipping on all orders.

What item of your child’s is most in need of labeling?

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Back-to-School Products that Last - Mabel\'s Labels
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  1. I need to label every crayon, pencil,etc. for my son! I also would love to label both my boys hockey equipment as it often gets tossed around the locker room!

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