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There is one part of the back-to -school routine that fills my chest with dread. The one thing that causes, stress, irritation, and a whole lot “BUT MOM!!!” it’s Snacktime. Finding healthy snacks that are easy for the kids to pack and aren’t filled with junk used to be a battle, not anymore!

Nature Box

We started using NatureBox last fall. I had seen ads for it and with one two big kids and a toddler that was snacking a baby I just needed some help. I needed easy to grab and go snacks that I could feel good about. I never expected to like it so much and to still be using it monthly a year later!

My kids LOVE seeing the bright orange box on our porch. They will run in from the neighbors and stop playing to see what came this month. When we first started we got five random snacks a month {more on this later} and the surprise of what was coming was the best! It also has encouraged my kids to try new things, on their own. Even my picky eater has surprised us with her willingness to try, I mean no one wants to miss out on an awesome snack!


NatureBox allows you to browse their snack catalog and stock your snack pantry with items that you want, or you can have five random snacks delivered to you. We have a tree nut allergy (my husband) in our family so I keep our online pantry stocked for a few boxes out heavy on the dried fruit that my kids love. In the year we’ve been getting NatureBox I think we have had two snacks that we choose to not ever get again, there is always at least one person in the house who enjoys everything that comes.

As a family that tries to eat mostly whole foods and avoides high fructose corn syrup an artificial colors NatureBox is a no brainier. I fill the cabinet and know that whatever they grab it will be nutritious and tasty. In fact some of the snacks are so yummy (any of the NomNoms!) that I have to hide them if I want to get even one for myself!

NatureBox offers a great variety of wholesome snacks that is hard to find in any one store. NatureBox snacks delivers carefully sources nutritionist-approved foods that:

  • contain wholesome ingredients
  • have no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
  • gluten conscious
  • vegan
  • soy free
  • milk free
  • non GMO
  • no sugar added
  • nut free

With over 100 different snacks it’s easy to find ones that fit your taste or dietary needs. If you have no special requests it’s a great way to introduce no flavors and foods to your kids diets! Still can’t choose? NatureBox’s Snack Catalog offers curated collections such as kiddie delights, pantry staples and office snacks to get you started. In addition each box comes with a card that includes recipes and ideas for other ways to use your snacks! One of our favorites is to break the Masa Chips over our chili.

NatureBox Snacks

The fact that they are delivered is all natural icing on the homemade carrot cake. I don’t have to worry about the store being all out of snacks or leave up to chance what produce is I can get, and an get the kids to take! I like to throw one of our bags in the van so that we always have snacks if we end up out later or someone forgets their school snack. They are also perfect for mom to refuel while running kids all over the place!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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