Back to School Products that Last- Basics


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So we all know that having the big things (backpacks, lunch boxes) that last more than one year will save us money, but what about all those little things on the supply list? How many of us seek out folders, notebooks, etc., that will last more than one year? We’ve got a few suggestions for supplies that will last you more than one year.

school supplies that last

Our school provides all the needed supplies for kindergarten and preschool. The following supplies have all lasted more than one school year; some are going into their 6th year! Yes, my 8th grader is graduating with supplies we bought in first grade. Tip for making them last: at the end of the school year, go through supplies right when they come home and pack away. Of the 22 things on this year’s list, we already had 7 of them plus the backpack. Some we’re easy things like the glue that was still full and scissors, but two stood out as back to school product stars:

I have been so impressed with Mead Five Star folders. For first grade, we had to have plastic folders in specific colors. I got two Mead and three of the house brand at an office supply store. While none of them disintegrated or had broken pockets like the paper or laminated folders tend to do, the Mead still looks new. The house brand’s pockets also ripped/broke through the folders, making it hard to get papers in and out. We now only by Mead 5-Star, which means I only have to buy one or two folders a year instead of 5-7 (times 4 kids!). In light of their durability, we bought Five Star notebooks for this school year. They were worth the more expensive price tag because I don’t have to replace them mid-year. I also love that they come in solid colors, and we can avoid characters.

school supplies that last

Pencil Pouches:
I looked around quite a bit last year at pencil pouches.  I saw some cute tutorials on Pinterest and found several awesome ones on Etsy, but time and budget stepped in, and we just picked up some from Target. I did not have any confidence that these would make it through the year. I think I paid a dollar for them? But we did get the fabric ones instead of plastic ones, and surprisingly, they lasted all year. In fact, we are still using it 6 years later!

For more fashionable and fun kids, we have found that the ZIPIT Talking Monster Pencil Case has held up, two years so far, and that’s with overstuffing from my girls!

Wooden Rulers:
We bought the Fiskars brand, again I think it was a dollar bin find but it’s still going strong!

Make sure all those awesome products keep coming home with Mabel’s Labels!

I think the general rule with basics is to look for good materials, the more natural (fabric, wood, etc) the better as they tend to be more durable. I have found that with the super cold winter we have that anything that is plastic tends to get broken because of all the temperature changes.

What are your basic stars? Do you save school supplies or are you a start each year new type?

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Back to School Products that Last- Basics
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