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Recently we went out for dinner. Without the kids! It was a lovely and long overdue date night.  And I didn’t have to plan a thing. My husband made a reservation and just told me we were going out. I’m not saying this to make you jealous, I just wanted to tell you about this restaurant we found and instantly fell in love with. My my meat-and-potato loving husband took me to Beelow’s Steakhouse in Lake Zurich for a night on the town. (There is also a second location, Beelow’ Northshore, in Highland Park.)

Beelow's Steakhouse Lake Zurich
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The atmosphere here is oen of classic steakhouse mixed with the lighting and colors of a Wisconsin supper club. It’s basic, but charming, and allows you to focus on your excellent meal. I ordered a glass of prosecco, which was fun and bubbly.  I’m not a foodie, so I’m sure I should have paired my red meat with a red wine, but I like to break the rules.

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My husband, shockingly, ordered a beer. (Why hasn’t someone invented a sarcasm font yet?) We instantly relaxed and talked about dreams and life, and proudly, that didn’t mean our children.  Warm bread arrived at the table, and life was great.

My meal was to die for. I ordered a petite filet and I honestly have never had a better steak. It was paired with fresh green beans and sliced almonds.  I ate every morsel. It probably was not very lady-like, but hey, why waste it?

Photo source Beelow’s Steakhouse on Facebook

Beelow’s Steakhouse is a great place for date night.  The restaurant also books private events. I cannot wait to try the Sunday Brunch here. (Honey, if you are reading this…date #2?)  Beelow’s Steakhouse also features gluten-free and vegegtarian menus. Most of the beef that is served is raised on the family-owned farm in Lake County, near Mundelein. “From Our Family Farm to Your Plate,” is the restaurant’s motto, and the family farm has been in operation since the 1920’s.

Give Beelow’s Steakhouse in Lake Zurich a try the next time you are looking for a new restaurant for a night out. You won’t be disappointed.

Beelow’s Steakhouse
763 S. Rand Rd., Lake Zurich | (847) 540-0600

Have you been to Beelow’s Steakhouse? Leave us a comment below about your experience. 



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