Lake County’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie Monster is my favorite Sesame Street character hands down for many reasons but the main one is because I can relate to him on a level so deep that I think I might have been Cookie Monster in a previous life. Which is utterly ridiculous because I was born the same year he was. May 25th is Cookie Monster’s birthday, and in honor of him, I have a list of cookie places in Lake County where you can take part in your own festivities.

best chocolate chip cookies

To be clear, there won’t be a party on the 25th at these locales. There should be, but there won’t. 


Bent Fork Bakery
335 Waukegan Ave., Highwood | (847) 926-4438
My friend and editor Jennifer recommends Bent Fork Bakery in Highwood as a great place to get your cookie on. I have also had some of their treats at an event years ago and I can vouch for them.

The Picnic Basket
501 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville | (847) 367-8366
The Picnic Basket in Libertyville offers more than just your typical picnic lunches; they also offer amazing chocolate chip cookies as well. Why not pick up some cookies with your picnic lunch in honor of the blue monster?

Not Just Cookies
456 N. Cedar Lake Rd., Round Lake | (847) 201-1140
Not Just Cookies in Round Lake offers exactly what the name suggests. In addition to amazing cookies, they also offer fresh juices, homemade tamales as well as cookies and desserts.

Carols Cookies 
If you like to have your cookies and milk at home while you watch Sesame Street, does my friend Christine have a website for you. Carol’s Cookies, based out of Northbrook, has delicious and “enormous” cookies that will have you celebrating Cookie’s big day in a big way. They sell them at select Whole Foods and Sunset Foods but you can also order them online as well.

Mariano’s (various locations throughout Lake County) 
Speaking of getting cookies to eat at home, my friend Felita says that Mariano’s chocolate chip cookies are amazing. I trust Felita, and you should too.

Where is your favorite place to buy cookies chocolate chip in Lake County? 

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