Best Wings in Lake County

Before I moved to the Chicago area in 1989, if you would have said, “hey, let’s go get some Buffalo wings”, I would have made a face similar to the face I am sure you make when you are reading my articles. Quizzical, skeptical, with a little shock and disgust thrown in there. What are these wings that you speak of, I would have casually asked. My first taste of a Buffalo wing was at the revered Franks for the Memories in Mundelein. I had no idea how lucky I was to be experiencing these tasty gems in between wiping my hands with 100 napkins. OMG THESE WINGS, THEY’RE……THEY’RE….pass me another napkin please……I HAVE NEVER PUT SUCH AN AMAZING THING IN MY MOUTH. (watch it) They were, in a word, special and now I never have to go to Buffalo, New York to get the real deal because we are really lucky to have the real deal here in Lake County. So what I am saying is go to Frank’s. But here are some other places that are good too.

best wings in lake county

But seriously, go to Frank’s.

Best Wings in Lake County

Franks for the Memories 645 E. Hawley St. Mundelein

When I took an informal poll on Facebook recently of the best wings in our area, this place was mentioned more than any other. People from all over flock to Frank’s for their legendary wings but do try their other menu offerings as well. Their curly fries are amazing and don’t forget the ranch to dip them in. I didn’t say this was a diet friendly post.


Fairmont Shores  37641 N. Lake Shore Drive Lake Villa

The views alone are worth the trip but my friend Dawn says that they are really known for their wings. Sit outside on the deck, wings in hand, maybe order a beer or two. That sounds like a perfect romantic date. Or you can bring your husband/wife along too if you want. Read Holly’s story on Fairmont Shores.

best wings lake county
Photo Source: WingStop Facebook Page

WingStop 720 S. Illinois 83 Mundelein

There are chain restaurants on my list, be advised. Something about a chain gets people riled up, for some reason but this one is good according to my foodie friends Rosemary and her husband David. So if they say that this place has the best wings, I am listening and so should you.


JJ Fish and Chicken  1327 S. Lewis Ave. Waukegan

This place made my mouth water just reading all that they offer.  This is not a Buffalo wing place, so please don’t go with that in mind. This is the real deal, and chicken wings are just one of the many things they offer. Order them with their famous lemon pepper seasoning and note that this is a carry out place only.

best wings lake county
Photo Source: Wings etc. Facebook page

Wings Etc.  480 Orchard St. Antioch and 843 E. Belvidere Grayslake

They offer bulk orders of wings here (can you say 100 wings?) But then what will everyone else eat? They also offer a 20 piece celery as well. No thank you, it just gets in the way of all my wing eating. I think I know why they offer so much celery. You need something to wipe your hands on in case you don’t have any more napkins, duh.


Morgans  532 N. Milwaukee Ave. Libertyville

My editor Jennifer said that there is a rumor that this place has good wings and then told me to do field research. OKAY, IF I HAVE TO. They have their wings on the “starter” menu which always makes me sad because wings need to be an entree or an “ender” if you will. They make their own sauce and have four different sauces if you like choices.


Gator’s Wing Shack  1719 Rand Rd. Palatine

So there is a Wing Fest and the only reason I know this is because Gator’s won Best in Fest at said festival. How did we not know there is a Wing Fest and why didn’t anyone invite us? Next February I think my editor’s should send me in the name of “field research”.


Emil’s  161 Center St. Grayslake 604 N. Lake St. Mundelein

There are two locations but seriously if you are in Mundelein,  go to Frank’s. I am told by my other editor, Melissa, that this place is another great place for wings and they offer six different choices for sauces.


Jimano’s 254 E. Rollins Round Lake Beach

With several locations throughout the Chicagoland area, this particular Jimano’s is the only location I have had the wings, so click the link to find the location nearest you. Wings from a pizza place can go either way but these wings hold their own with the pizza, in my humble opinion.


Pass the napkins.


Where are your favorite wing joints in Lake County?

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