Worth the Trip: Bison’s Bluff Nature Playground

Worth the Trip

Looking for a great park with a little bit of everything? Venture out to Bison’s Bluff in Schaumburg. Bison’s Bluff is a play area that is part of Spring Valley, a beautiful nature area with marshes, streams, a forest, and fields. What I loved about Bison’s Bluff is that in addition to climbing structures, it is surrounded by nature.

bisons bluff schaumburg

Parking is conveniently located near the nature center. Be aware that the entrance to Bison’s Bluff is actually near the nature center, so park closer to the nature center than to where you first spy the park. Because there aren’t bathrooms in the park area itself, you may want to stop in the nature center or use the port-a-potties near the trail. In addition, I recommend bringing your snacks, water bottles, and wet wipes with you as you won’t want to walk back to the car later to get them (lesson learned!).

This park has features for all ages. There are lots of climbing structures including rock walls, bison “ribs,” and ropes. The park also has monkey bars, slides, and balance beams.

bison's bluff schaumburg

Here is where it’s unique: it also has ways to interact with nature. Check out the wading pond! (Be prepared for your kiddos to get wet and sandy.)

Other features include a sand and water play area, a large nature loam, lots of large rocks to hide behind, and objects that create sounds.

Need a break from the weather? The nature center has a ton of fun things to view, including live turtles. There also may be a drop-in program you can attend. The day we were there, they were doing a monarch butterfly release.

bison's bluff schaumburg

Before you leave, you may want to hit the nature trail. I recommend you bring your stroller if you have little ones, though.

bison's bluff schaumburg

We had a fun day at Bison’s Bluff. It wasn’t too far off from IL-53 (and it’s right near Woodfield Mall).

bison's bluff schaumburg

What’s your favorite thing to do at Bison’s Bluff?

Bison’s Bluff
1111 E. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg,IL 60194
Open Tuesday-Sunday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. (Monday hours, Noon-8 p.m.) through October

Worth the Trip: Bison\'s Bluff Nature Playground
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