Blast off with Astroblast on Sprout!

Astroblast on Sprout

You know those tiny, two-legged running things that range between the ages of 3-5?  We call those preschoolers.

Experts agree that the first 5 years of a child’s life is when the most learning happens.  The first 2 years are spent learning themselves, walking, talking, eating, etc.  Years 3-5 are the years they begin exploring the greater world.  Imagination is a huge part of learning and lucky for us Sprout, the first 24 hour preschool network, is one of the forerunners for preschool learning.

Along with the usual favorites of Super Why, Caillou, and Thomas & Friends, on Saturday, July 12th (that’s tomorrow) a 2 pm CT and again at 7 pm CT, Sprout will launch a new show, Astroblast!

Astroblast! follows a fantastic group of animals as they hang out at the Space Station, the coolest hangout in the galaxy. With equal parts of silliness and flimflammery, the Astroblasters add in a dash of responsibility, friendship, and courage, to give one heck of an adorable animated show.

One show in particular addresses the challenge between responsibility and playing, and between doing what is right and what we want.  Follow the Astroblast team as they work through life’s biggest issues, and make a ton of friends along the way.

What do you think?  Will you be tuning into Sprout and watching the world premier of Astroblast!   We would love to hear what you think!

Astroblast! premiers tomorrow July 12th at 2pm CT and again at 7pm CT! Check your local listings. For additional information on Sprout programs or schedules, visit


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