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Roxy and the Ballerina Robot is a new book app by Jackrabbit Publishing, and written by Chicago dad Slater Collins about Roxy, a young girl faced with the real-life dilemma of saving money or spending it.

Roxy and the Ballerina Robot Jackrabbit Publishing
Image courtesy of Jackrabbit Publishing

In this e-book that features “read to me” or “read by myself” options in English, French or Spanish, Roxy sees a robot ballerina advertised and realizes she doesn’t have enough money in her piggy bank to buy it. She decides to save up for it, but ends up choosing to spend her money on smaller things during the time she should be saving. After a month, she goes to buy the toy and realizes that she still doesn’t have enough money. Her parents explain to her that it takes discipline to save, and in the end, she has to decide whether to bring her money to the toy store where she’ll have the temptation to spend it, or avoid the temptation all together by keeping it at home in her piggy bank.

Roxy and the Ballerina Robot Jackrabbit Publishing
Image courtesy of Jackrabbit Publishing

This app is great for elementary school children who haven’t had a lesson of how to save yet, or to reinforce the lessons they’ve already learned on saving and spending. It explains perfectly the cause and effect of wanting something and setting a goal towards getting it. Not only can this be applied to money for kids, but can also be referenced with any goal in life that kids can work toward.

As I read the story, it went along with the exact principles that I’m teaching my own six- and eight-year olds: you have to save money to get what you want. My kids don’t get gifts unless it’s a holiday, but they do have jobs around the house that they do every week, which earns them money that they put into their give, save, and spend envelopes. They save up for bigger items and feel proud when they hand the money to the clerk and get their toy.

Roxy and the Ballerina Robot is a must-have app in my opinion, and I look forward to more wonderful stories with applicable life-lessons from Jackrabbit Publishing! The app is available for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Kindle Fire.

Roxy and the Ballerina Robot Jackrabbit Publishing
Image courtesy of Jackrabbit Publishing

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What are your family’s favorite book apps for kids?

Disclosure: Disclosure: The author received a copy of the app for review purposes only. All content and opinions expressed are the author’s own.

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