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The holidays are here and if your gift list is longer than Santa’s, we’re here to help. The 2017 LLC Gift Guides will help you find the best gifts for everyone on your list leaving you time to spare and enjoy the season, or to stress about the in-laws coming (just kidding)! Today we’re looking at books for everyone on your list.

book gift ideasBook Gifts for Everyone on your List

best book gifts Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club

This is hands down the best book gift on our list. Unlike other book of the month clubs the Stuart Brent Children’s Book Club curates the best books based on your children’s interest and some guiding from the gifter. Before receiving their books I chatted on the phone with Amy Brent for over 30 minutes talking about each of the genres my kids liked, favorite books, and what I really wanted them to read. For example I would love to expand the genres that my son reads. Amy picked great books that all my kids loved and they came wrapped beautifully with a small thematic gift to go with each.

From the company: Amy regards her book selections more like dessert than vegetables.  Children in her book club learn to love books, because they receive a steady supply of thoughtfully chosen gifts.  Their interests and opinions are heard, their ideas valued.  The gift-giver is a hero all year long, each time as a child settles in with a book that has just arrived and/or a treasured one read again and again.

Each gift at $27.99 is billed when books are shipped, and discounts given when more than one subscription is sent to the same address at the same time.  Grandparents, aunts and uncles, most frequent customers, choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly gifts which arrive beautifully wrapped with the child’s name on top.

If you have an avid reader, like I do, this is a great gift that could keep giving the whole year long.

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veronica and the volcanoVeronica and the Volcano

From the Publisher:  “Ten-year old Veronica lives in a high-tech, gadget filled house on the slope of an active volcano. When she leaves on a quest to find rare white volcano pearls on the far side of the biggest volcano of all, Mount Mystery, she leads her father, her best friend Maddy, and her friend’s dad, the blustering Captain John, into a series of incredible adventures. But when the colossal volcano erupts, fear wins ad election and Veronica must square off against a fear-mongering villain: The Man-in-White.

Veronica’s story started as bedtime stories that the Geoffrey Cook would tell his daughter at bedtime. His adventurous book blends science and science fiction combining the latest in Earth science with incredible action. Recommend for ages 9-12. My 10 year old devoured the book and asked when the next one comes out! She said it was an exciting read that was awesome!



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Grandpa’s Ghost Stories

A recently republished children’s book from James Flora. From the publisher: “James Flora’s fantastically illustrated books captivated kids throughout the 1960’s and 70’s. In this book, Grandpa comforts his Grandson during a fierce thunderstorm by telling him stories about far scarier things, including a hungry werewolf and an evil witch who turns boys into spiders.  The illustrations bring the tall tales to life with Flora’s incomparable humor and wit.”

Fun for all ages, recommended for ages 4 and older. My big kids enjoyed the book, my four year old wasn’t scared but we had to break it in to short stories instead of reading it all at once.




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Wind and Oyster Jack

My husband and I are kind of snobs when it comes to picture books, they have to be beautiful. Wind and Oyster Jack definitely fits the bill with beautiful watercolor illustrations.

From the publisher: It’s late in the fall when Oyster Jack and his boat Dinah sail out to the Chesapeake Bay to harvest oysters. Their friend Wind helps them by blowing against Dinah’s sails. But Wind is cold and Oyster Jack won’t share his coat or blanket. When Wind hears of a nearby coat of frost and then a blanket of snow, she rushes off to look for them. Oyster Jack and Dinah can’t sail without her. He must find a way to keep Wind warm—and with him. Readers of all ages will be delighted by the clever wordplay and imaginative solution in this feel-good story about the importance of looking out for your friends. Ages 0-6.



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Castle in Danger

From the publisher. This historical fiction novel is set in 14th Century, Middle Ages. It tells the story of Emma, a very pretty kind-hearted girl who lives in a castle with her rich father, Baron Geoffrey. She meets a handsome, young peasant, Thomas, when he saves her from a frightening accident. They become friends and are thrown into many adventures. The story weaves jousting tournaments, town fairs, scrumptious feasts, holidays and other medieval traditions. Recommended for children 8 – 12






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  Cookie Cutters and Sled Runners

Written by our very own Natalie Rompella we couldn’t leave this new release off our list! We” save for the details for the review coming next month, so just a peek:

Most kids would dread the start of middle school and the year-long Explorations project that comes with it, but Ana knows that her + her best friend Lily + their plan to write and sell their own cookbook is a recipe for success. Lily’s not just the perfect partner in culinary crime―she’s also the only person in the world who understands Ana’s need to wash her hands five times before picking up a spatula, and would never make fun of her for it.

But Ana and Lily’s plan for edible entrepreneurship turns into one big baking disaster when they’re assigned to different partners for their projects.


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Wild Zoo Train

Preschoolers and toddlers alike will love this colorful picture book about a zany animal filled train. The Wild Zoo Train will take you and your children on a journey through wild habitats and encourage them to observe the whimsical world around them.






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Sherlock Holmes & Lucy James Mystery Series

father-daughter author duo Charles Veley and Anna Elliott have introduced the world to a fresh yet faithful reimagining of Holmes with the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery Series. Introducing Lucy James — an independent, modern-minded young woman who inherited her father’s intelligence and detective skills – and a Sherlock Holmes who must contend with the mysteries and challenges of being a parent. The Box set makes a perfect gift for the mystery lover looking for something new.





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Foodimentary: Celebrating 365 Food Holidays with Classic Recipes

This book by popular food blogger John-Bryan Hopkins is currently only available at Books-a-Million (shown at Gurnee Mills in the picture). It feature 365 days of food holidays- yes there is one a day (actually more!). is the number-one go-to resource cited by numerous magazines, newspapers, and websites to definitively know which food is being celebrated and when. Mixing Hopkins’ online success with fun food facts, forgotten histories, and classic recipes, while folding in scrumptious illustrations and rare photographs, Foodimentary is a festive jubilee of America’s culinary roots and inventions






We also recommend all these books that we have reviewed this year:

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What books are on your Christmas List this year?

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