Book Review: The Christmas Pumpkin

I used to say that my children could never have too many books. That might have been before I had children. Especially before I had two children and they each have their own overflowing bookshelves. With books that have been read more than a hundred times each. By yours truly.

Its fair to say that with so many options, its difficult to find a few that stick out or are terribly original, with the exception of a few classics. This is especially the case with holiday books. However, I may have finally found a holiday breath of fresh air.

the christmas pumpkin

Debbie Reece’s book, The Christmas Pumpkin, is an original new holiday book that covers the entire spanse of fall and into Christmas.

In the Christmas Pumpkin, a boy named James is given a green pumpkin, left over from the fall harvest on his family’s farm, to decorate for Christmas. It seems to everyone an unlikely and unusual idea. But with the support of his parents, James takes it on with enthusiasm. And in the process, he learns a valuable lesson of being true to himself and letting his inner light shine. His ideas influence those around him and in his community.

The goal of this book, and most books by Reece, is to promote positive messages that inspire creativity, self confidence and compassion in young readers. She does just that with The Christmas Pumpkin.

Our family has enjoyed reading this book together. The illustrations are adorable. The story is easy to follow and engaging. Additionally, there are a few parts where repetition is used, and that helps make the theme easy for our son to grasp quickly.

The christmas pumpkin

I especially love the message of inspiring James and readers to “let your light shine” and be confidant in their ideas. My son is in a stage where he always “has an idea,” and I love to encourage it. Stories like this promote creativity and one’s ability to influence others — even at a young age.

The end of the book includes a coloring page for your child to create his or her own “Christmas Pumpkin.” There is also a template online where you can download the image and use it for crafts in the future or for groups.

I also love the idea this gives my family for a new kind of craft for the Christmas season. Why not create our own green Christmas Pumpkin this year? (I happened to notice many at our visit to the u-pick pumpkin patch this weekend.)

the christmas pumpkin
J. Burris

We consider this a valuable addition to our at home library; perhaps it would be for yours or as a gift for your little one, library, teacher or classroom.

Available in either hard or soft cover, you can get your own copy on either or an autographed copy at

For more information on this and other books by Debbie Reece, please check out her books:

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