Book Review: Hey A.J., It’s Saturday!

If you come to our house you will find bookshelves full of books, as yes, we are a family of bookworms. We love to find new favorite books that we can read again and again, (because my four-year-old insists on reading the same books, numerous times).
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Martellus Bennett’s new book Hey A.J., It’s Saturday! was a good find and a fun read for all of us. There’s nothing better than finding a kids’ book that you don’t mind reading four (or even eight) times in a row, right?

Prepare to let your imaginations run wild as you read about a little girl named A.J who gets up early before her parents and ventures down to the kitchen. She finds an array of offbeat animals in there trying to prepare breakfast! Here she finds a peacock scrambling eggs, a Jamaican giraffe, a French bear with French toast and pigs in blankets. These are just some of the quirky critters you will meet in this book.

My daughter especially relates to this story because of all the animals we have at our own home. She is quite used to seeing pigs in our kitchen, although thankfully they do not try to make breakfast!

Hey A.J., It’s Saturday! is a fun story with very colorful and cute illustrations. The way the story flows and rhymes makes it a very entertaining book to read aloud.

And if you want more, parents can head to the iPhone App Store, Google Play, or Amazon to purchase the interactive component to Hey A.J., It’s Saturday! Children can use these additional tools to read along with A.J., experience story time with Martellus Bennett as he narrates the story himself, interact with the story’s characters, unlock a bonus game, practice martial arts with a waffle Ninja, fry bacon and scramble eggs, dance with the panda, and more.

Image Source: heyaj website

The author, Martellus Bennett, considers himself to be a BIG dreamer, and is a professional football player with the New England Patriots. This book was inspired by his daughter, Austyn Jett (A.J.), and their adventures together.

Hey A.J., It’s Saturday!
To purchase the book, please visit the Hey A.J., It’s Saturday web store.

Disclosure: The writer received a copy of the book in exchange for this review.  All opinions in this article are the writer’s own.

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