Book Review of “I’d Like to be a Fish in the Sea” by Dana McCarthy

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I was fortunate enough to be able to review “I’d Like to be a Fish in the Sea” by Dana McCarthy this past week in my home.  Dana is a Lake County Dad that has, provided music-and-movement classes for young children and their parents. This is his first published book, although he already has a CD out called Chocolate Milk and Other Tasty Tunes.  He performs regularly at libraries, schools, and community events in the area.

I'd like ot be a fish in the sea book

I sat down with my two oldest children, boys ages 3 and 6, and read through the book right away.  It is a fun, playful, and rhythmically written children’s book that encourages children to read along.  In this book, the characters swam like a fish in the sea, flew like birds in the sky, swung with monkeys on the trees, played with cows on the farm, and most of all, got to sing their own song.

There are some silly words in it, so if you feel funny reading those aloud, just put on your best face!  My boys loved the silly words and couldn’t wait to read through it two more times, this time chiming in.  As a mom, I loved spending time goofing around with them.  As a teacher, I could appreciate the rhyming and rhythm in the text.  Overall, this is a fun way to bring some humor to your day while spending time snuggling with your little ones.

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  1. I would love to win this book for my daughter! She loves books and has a particular interest stories about sea based creatures.

  2. We have Dana’s cd and my kids love it, so I’m sure they’d love the book! I think my daughter would most like to be leopard!

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