British Swim School Progress Report #1 {Round Lake Beach}

We are at the half-way mark of our swimming journey with British Swim School Round Lake Beach.  As a quick recap from my introductory post, Brooklyn is an overconfident 6-year-old who can dog paddle two lengths of the pool, tires quickly and can tread water, while my 4-year-old Owen thinks he can swim although he cannot, panics when his ears or face are in the water (except when jumping), and cannot float.

Let me just tell you, Owen and I went on an ice cream date because he has consistently put his ears in the water to float!  This feat is a big deal for anyone who fears putting their ears into the water. And we celebrated!


As for Brooklyn’s progress, I am so glad that she has found a healthy fear of the water, and that she realizes she is only so strong because of the freedom she has in the pool.  She is also beginning to float to rest rather than attempting to tread water.  I have seen the most progress in rolling from front to back, and her freestyle/front crawl is gaining some serious ground.  There is a difference between saying my child can swim (dog paddle) around a pool than her being able to legitimately complete strokes, and we are very close to her doing freestyle well!

British Swim School Round Lake Beach
© A. Chase | Little Lake | 2016

She has practiced some backstroke beginning skills, and breast stroke, which is her favorite.  She loves her classes, and although she has struggled to listen at times (the girl just wants to play,) her teachers amaze me with their patience.  I love the class format because she gets a three-minute break every three minutes, and she is able to start fresh if she didn’t feel she was doing well.

Owen’s progress has shattered my expectations.  I was hopeful that by the end of the twelve weeks he would get his ears wet.  However, he is allowing water into his ears (with some shuddering and complaints at times) and he is putting his face into the water as he glides to the wall independently. My little man who used to sink like a brick is gliding to the wall independently.  He was floating with only fingertips holding his head!  Just this past week at the beach he willingly swam with his face in the water for very long stretches.  Sam’s guidance and encouragement has made this possible–we have tried for two years now, and in six weeks this has happened!

British Swim School Round Lake Beach
© A. Chase | Little Lake | 2016

Owen has not jumped into the pool during a lesson when it wasn’t his turn, which is a huge relief. I think he understands that he can’t swim now.  Having the opportunity to safely sink is so important; I will definitely do that with our third (who was too young for this group format.)

I am excited and intrigued to see if my kids will be moving up levels and getting new swim caps or not, as they have both gained so much in such a small amount of time. I think it just might happen!  This motivational piece sets British Swim School Round Lake Beach apart from other swim schools.

© A. Chase | Little Lake | 2016

I wanted to update on the program itself, too.  My kids have rotated between two teachers based on availability.  We have enjoyed time with both Sam and Chris, they teach the same skills but use slightly different play tactics to engage students.  Rescheduling appointments is so easy by phone! Due to our reschedule, we had two lessons in one week–which you can sign up for.  The gains were incredibly apparent and I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for two lessons a week for optimum growth.

Brooklyn and Owen look forward to their lessons every week and I can’t wait to share with you how they continue to progress.

British Swim School Round Lake Beach
540 E. Rollins Road (LA Fitness), Round Lake Beach | (773) 661-4004

British Swim School Waukegan
452 Lakehurst Road (LA Fitness), Waukegan | (773) 661-4004

Disclosure: British Swim School is a paid advertising partner and provided us with swim lessons in order to facilitate my reviews. All thoughts and opinions are the writers own.


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