We’re in #BubbleTrouble at Bella’s Bouncies Skate on Grand

Fox Lake, IL

Bella’s Bouncies in a Little Lake County Partner.

When Little Lake County throws a party, it’s got to blow your socks off.  When your motto is “Local. Family. Fun.” you’ve got a reputation to uphold.  That’s why when we needed ideas for our Holiday Staff Party, we turned to Bella’s Bouncies

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Who knows parties like our friends at Bella’s Bouncies?   Chances are you’ve already been to their indoor bounce facility in Lake Villa for open jump, a child’s birthday party,  or enjoyed their inflatables all over Lake County at special events.   Maybe you already know about the newest addition to Bella’s empire, Skate on Grand in Fox Lake.  But have you or your kids tried Bubble Soccer yet?!?

bubble soccer skate on grand
Wilt thou accompany me to the ball milady?

Bursting on the scene, Bubble Soccer is ready to explode as the hottest game in Lake County.  Since we know Bella’s Bouncies are the experts in inflatable fun, you can trust them for an eye-popping experience that will blow your mind!  It really is as fun as it looks and can be just as fun to watch as it is to play.

Bubble Soccer Bella's Bouncies Skate on Grand Fox Lake
We’re head over heels for Bubble Soccer at Bella’s Bouncies Skate on Grand.

So what is Bubble Soccer exactly?  Soccer is a misnomer, because it’s just one of the many games you can play while encased in a giant plastic bubble.  Our referee led us through games of Sharks and Minnows, Freeze Tag, Capture the Flag as well as Soccer just to name a few, all while we were harnessed inside giant bubble bumper balls (try to stay that 5x fast!)

Witness the proud yet rare Little Lake County males as they display their prowess in this seldom- seen mating ritual.

Our friendly refs even accommodated us when we asked, “Can we just roll around across the floor for a bit?”  or  “Can we do a dance routine?” or “Can we just randomly knock each other over?”  And yes, the average age of our party hovered around 39…

Bubble Soccer Bella's Bouncies Skate on Grand Fox Lake
Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’ And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

So what if when the Bella’s Bouncies family first thought of  offering Bubble Soccer they probably intended it to be for kids?  To that I say “Pshaw!”  Why do they always get to have all the fun?  Not only is this a brilliant way to blow off some energy, but it’s a fantastic birthday party and even more amazing team building exercise, family reunion, or bachelor/bachelorette party for adults who are young at heart.

Bella's Bouncies Skate on Grand Bubble Soccer Fox Lake
Check out these bubbly ladies!

Try not to pee your pants just watching your friends and family hit the court in their Polyethylene finery.  Giggle snorts will fly as you see your boss bounce off the wall before she gracelessly plummets to the floor on her backside.  Husbands and wives can release their pent up frustrations the way mother nature intended – with a one-on-one, head-on collision game of inflatable bubble chicken.  Who needs marriage counseling when there’s Bubble Soccer to settle the score!

Look how sweet and innocent Rosie looks! We hate to burst her bubble, but she’s about to be annhilated (BWHAHAHAHA!)

So while you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Bubble Soccer, there are a few restrictions.  Players need to be between 4’6″ and 6’2″ so that leaves out the smaller kids and tallest adults.   The inner diameter of the balls is 55″ and generally those up to 250 pounds and under can fit comfortably inside.

While you don’t need to be an athlete, Bubble Soccer is sweaty work that’ll leave you panting so those with heart conditions or any health issues that restrict physical activity (e.g.. pregnancy, asthma, etc.) should avoid participating.  The bubble itself weighs 17 pounds, so you must be able to comfortably bear the extra weight.  I would also add if you are prone to back or knee pain you should avoid playing as well.  Yes you are basically wrapped in a bubble, but you will be surprised how jarring a bump from another player can be.  We want you crawling off the court laughing, not crying.

If you want to see the action live, check out our party footage:

We’ll be sharing photos and videos of our experience all this week.  Follow #BubbleTrouble on social media for all our effervescent adventures.  For your own bubblicious adventure, visit their Facebook page for current Bubble Soccer schedules or be sure to visit Bella’s Bouncies Skate on Grand this President’s Day! 

Bella’s Bouncies Skate on Grand
720 East Grand Avenue (Route 59), Fox Lake  | 847-546-7000

Disclosure: Bella’s Bouncies Skate on Grand is a Little Lake County paid advertiser.  Services and facilities were provided for promotional consideration. 

We\'re in #BubbleTrouble at Bella\'s Bouncies Skate on Grand
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