Busy Brains Children’s Museum – Pop-up in Grayslake

Grayslake, IL

Busy Brains had a successful fall in their Pop-up space at Hawthorn Mall that they had to do it again. This time they are popping up with a new space in the basement of the Grayslake Heritage Center and Museum.

busy brains children's museum pop-up grayslake
Photo by Busy Brains Children’s Museum

Busy Brains Children’s Museum (BBCM) has moved into the former archives of the Grayslake Historical Society, located in the basement of the Heritage Center. Transforming previously unused space into a colorful spot for children to play and learn all winter long. (TL/DR there is a video of the space at the end).

Their usual well-loved traveling exhibits, as well as some new additions from their time in Hawthorn, can be found in the Grayslake space. You will find:

  • Magna Wall – Use engineering to create marble runs that demonstrate gravity and building concepts.
  • Look Inside – Use their x-ray view to learn about bones and body parts. Add some accessories like a stethoscope and pretend to be a doctor.
  • Pegometry – So many options to create shapes, letters, and design pictures on this double-sided, enlarged geo-board.
  • Zrrrmmm – Gravity is a hard concept to grasp. But, by adding a little sound, you’ll get a fun way to learn about it.
  • Light Site – Light helps make shapes come to life. Make patterns or build 3-dimensional creations lit by different colors of light.
  • Excavation – A favorite among children of all ages! Pretend you are a truck driver and dig away!
  • Mystery of Flight – Flying objects? Learn about flight with the ever-popular Bernoulli Box.
  • Gearosity – The gears on the board go round and round…explore the endless designs created by meshing gears.
  • Rub a Dub Dub – Create wonderful pictures using a simple crayon! easy rubbings table is perfect for little hands and larger artists.
  • Construct – Build a structure of your dreams, or a maze, or whatever suits you. This great team building activity gets the whole family involved.

Just as in their previous pop-up Busy Brains will be hosting birthday parties at their Grayslake Pop-up. Birthday parties are held on Sundays and our a great option for someone looking for an affordable indoor birthday party location.

The Pop-Up location gives you a chance to support the Busy Brains mission to bring a permeant children’s museum to Lake County. It also allows you to sneak in some educational fun and mix up your usual winter playdate options.

Admission to the museum is $5 per child – for the whole day, parents are free. Pop-in Today!

Busy Brains Children’s Museum – Pop-Up
Now – March 14, 2020
Grayslake Heritage Center Basement
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Know before you go:

  • Parking is available on the street, in the municipal parking lot or behind the heritage center.
  • Enter in either the front or back doors of the Heritage Center (look for the BBCM signs on the windows).
  • BBCM is located in the basement, you will take the elevator downstairs to get there.
  • There is no restroom in the basement, it is located upstairs near the elevator.
  • The BBCM hours are different than the heritage center hours so just proceed down the elevator to the Pop-up.
  • Space is limited here if you don’t need the stroller I wouldn’t bring it.

Join them for an upcoming event at the Pop-up:

2 February Groundhog Day Celebration
They will have crafts, games, snacks, and more! Visit our PopUp and make your own special groundhog! Included with regular admission. Please RSVP on Eventbrite so there are enough supplies.

29 February Leap Day Celebration
Join Little Lake County, Pediatric Interactions, and maybe more for a leaping good time! We will have movement activities, crafts, and storytime. More details coming soon!

Take a look inside and then schedule some time to learn through play at the Busy Brains Children’s Museum!

Busy Brains Children\'s Museum - Pop-up in Grayslake
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