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My kids are active, on the go and always hungry. Can I have a snack is a chorus on repeat around my house? While I try to keep lots of healthy fruits and veggies on hand for snacking on when we are at home, I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks that hang out in my purse or car for when we are on the go.

CLIF Kid Zbars

Several of my kids would rather eat snacks or treats all the live long day than to ever let a healthy nut or cracker pass their lips. I was pleasantly surprised when that picky kid ate and enjoyed a CLIF Kid Zbar® Oatmeal Cookie Bar–not even the required chocolate flavor necessary for trying something new.

CLIF Kid Zbar® are made with organic ingredients that feature the nutrients that active kids need but taste like treats. They meet my requirement for being easy, non-melty, and having no high-fructose corn syrup.

Cliff Kids zbar

My littlest guy plays hard all day long, from the moment he gets up to the moment I wrestle him down to bed at night he is on the go and moving. While he is not as picky as his sister, he has an affinity for food that he can eat fast or take with him.

Unlike other healthy bar options that we have had in the house these bars are the perfect size for him and portioned to fill him up without stuffing him. I can let him snack on them when we are out running errands and know that he will still eat lunch or dinner. I also know that he is getting more of what his growing and active body needs than anything I will find in the checkout lines or from the lollipops at the bank.

cliff kids z bar

CLIF Kid® is dedicated to reclaiming play.  They’re encouraging boys and girls everywhere to get back outside, push their boundaries and feed their adventures. So grab CLIF Kid Zbar® and hike your favorite trail, explore the biggest playground or just hang out in the backyard. The important thing is to take some time to today to get outside and play. Check out the Cliff Kid Video for inspiration!

cliff kid z bar

CLIF Kid Zbar® are non-GMO and made with organic ingredients.
Find them at your local grocery store.

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