Color Aloft Balloon Festival Shines through Storms

Storms rolled through our area on Saturday afternoon threatening to dampen the highlight of the summer for most Grayslake residents, the Color Aloft Balloon Festival.

Color Aloft Balloon Festival
Photo Credit: Krista Schumow Photography

After some “confusion and delay” to quote Thomas the Tank Engine. The festival was able to continue on a smaller scale than planned. Due to lightning during set up most of the food and community vendors (sadly, including Little Lake County) had to back out for safety concerns. As the afternoon progressed the sun peeked out and the Historical Society pulled off their old-fashioned baseball game.

Color Aloft Balloon Festival
Photo Credit: Krista Schumnow Photography

The smaller (than last year) crowd gathered around as a few of the balloons took off. We heard they were flying lower this year and saw lots of people posting backyard pictures with balloons overhead.  Round Lake Beach Residents got a treat when one of the balloons landed on their lakefront park.

Despite the early stormy weather and smaller crowds Color Aloft still managed to WOW everyone who came late or who stuck it out through the weather.

Color Aloft Balloon Festival
Photo Credit: Krista Shumnow Photography

The night glow was once again an amazing site and a spectacular ending to a kind of blah day.  We can’t wait for next year, with hopefully better weather!

Color Aloft Balloon Festival
Photo Credit: Krista Schumow Photography

Thank you to Krista Shumow Photography for sharing her pictures with us. See more fan pictures on our Facebook Page.


Did you make it to the  Color Aloft this year? Tell us about it in the comments!

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