Coronavirus Closures and information for Lake County Families

Please note that we are not a medical expert and are just trying to be a source of good useful information to our community. If you are feeling ill please contact your physician.

Experts have advised that the best thing for our community during the current Coronavirus pandemic is to reduce crowded gatherings. Some of the events listed on our website may occur while others have been canceled. Please check with the hosting venue, and exercise caution when selecting outings. 

Ultimately it is your decision if you choose to continue to go to public events and spaces.

Lake County Closures | School Closures | COVID-19 Information

We’ll be collecting local resource links here in one place, along with information from the CDC and the Lake County Health Department so you can stay informed.

Lake County Closures and Cancelations: 

We are starting to see notices for closures and cancelations due to coronavirus precautions. We are hoping to keep this list of places updated but as you know things are moving fast. If you know of an event or space that is closed, please comment below, links from the source are encouraged. 

Lake County School Closures

On March 13 Governor Pritzker ordered the closing of all K-12 schools March 17 – 30. We will not be updating the below list further since this order supersedes everything else. We will update on March 30.

Coronavirus Information for Families

We want to make sure you are getting the best information and resources, no memes. Please use these sources for up-to-date information on what you should be doing to protect yourself and your family.

Family FAQ About COVID-19

We think that knowledge is power. Our friends at RocketCity Moms put together some frequently asked questions families might want to know with answers from the pros… not from some meme found on the Internet.

Cover your cough, wash your hands and be well friends!

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  1. Round Lake Park District is now closed for two weeks. All Illinois schools are closed through March 30, but some districts have already announced closing the following week.

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