Creating My Own Zen – Seasons of Motherhood

Motherhood is hard. Wait, LIFE is hard. But the best part is we’re all in it together. Come join me as we find our own zen in the middle of parenthood, marriage, extended family, volunteering and just generally enjoying our time here in Lake County.

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Creating my own Zen

One of the things I really love about Lake County is that we get to experience all 4 seasons: 4 wardrobes, 4 visual changes to nature, 4 chances to begin anew, 4 chances to pause and notice what’s changing around us. And I think motherhood falls into seasonal patterns also.

The first season of motherhood is winter. I have nicknamed the newborn phase the “black hole”. This season of motherhood is where you think you’ll never feel like yourself again, you’ll never see your friends again and you’ll never not be tired. You don’t know how the universe trusted you with another human being. You feel overwhelmed, like you’re stuck in a foot of snow, not wanting to venture out in the cold. You want to stay inside and cuddle, because that’s what you’re supposed to do and that’s all you really have energy for is to hold and love this new human.

The second season of motherhood is spring. Spring is full of life, your children begin to use the potty, have some independence, and more amazing things happen. You might get a more flexible job, you find an amazing friend, your oldest child becomes old enough to babysit for an hour, you join a book club, and you start to feel alive again. You see your children growing, flourishing, and thriving. You’re planting seeds by teaching your children new skills. As spring begins, you start feeling like yourself again and not quite so overwhelmed.

The third season of motherhood is summer. It’s lovely, glorious, warm, fun, inviting and full of family time! This is the life! You’re busy with wonderful, amazing adventures like soccer games, school concerts, family vacations, and constantly making wonderful memories.

The fourth season of motherhood is autumn. Autumn begins in your children’s teenage years. The changing colors of the leaves are unpredictable, just like your life. Your own parents are older, your job is more stressful, and your children have their own schedule that doesn’t always align with the family calendar. But the leaves are beautiful when they fall off the trees, and the falling leaves remind us to let our children grow up. Take a deep breath when they make their own mistakes, sit for driver’s education and visit a college campus. Sit back and soak in the beauty as they follow nature’s course. They’re extremely beautiful when they fall at their own pace with grace and float in the wind.


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