Creative Classroom Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Valentine's Day

My daughter is in first grade this year, and surprisingly, no one volunteered to be the designated room parent.  So when the PTO president asked if I would be willing to take on this role, I happily obliged – after all, how hard could it be to entertain 23 restless and energetic six- and seven-year-olds for an hour? Here are some creative ideas for your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day party.

Thanks to Pinterest and all of the crafty mommy blogs, it’s actually pretty easy. The Internet is an invaluable source of ideas for classroom parties, and I’ve compiled the best of the best, tried-and-true ideas for the Hallmark holiday we all know and love: Valentine’s Day.

creative valentines calssroom party ideas

Creative Valentines Day Classroom Party Ideas

Classroom Valentine Craft Ideas

  1. Heart-Shaped Friendship Bracelets – I used this craft at my daughter’s kindergarten Valentine’s Day party, and the kids loved them. The bracelets were cute and easy to make, and the children had a memento to take home.
  2. Stained Glass Hearts – I used a project similar to this for an end-of-year party. The kids love making their custom “stained glass” pieces. To save time, cut out the hearts and tissue paper ahead of time. Give each child a baggie of supplies, so everything is ready to go when they begin crafting.
  3. Love Bugs Craft – These adorable love bugs from One Creative Mommy are sure to cure even the worst case of insectophobia. Don’t forget the Googly eyes – kids love them!

Classroom Games for Valentines Day

  1. Valentine’s Day BINGO Download these adorable BINGO cards from Crazy Little Projects, and use pink and red M&Ms or candy conversations hearts as player pieces. Just be sure to give the kids some extras, because they will munch on them as they play!
  2. Heart Arrow Game – The goal of this game is for kids to toss heart arrows into a heart-shaped cutout on a box. Winners can get a small prize, such as a sticker. Kids love the challenge, but this game takes some time to prepare. A Girl and a Glue Gun makes it look easy, but give yourself some time to prep!
  3. Hersey Kiss Matching Game – This adorable (and delicious!) game by Creations for Kara is easy to plan and fun to play. Download the game cards from Kara’s blog, glue the images on the bottoms of Hersey’s kisses, and you’re ready to go! Make several sets, so you can let the kids eat the matching kisses. This game is best in small groups or stations.

Valentine Classroom Snack Ideas

  1. Rice Krispie Heart Pops – These yummy treats from our Girl in the Kitchen are a classroom favorite. Instead of decorating them ahead of time, let the kids spread Marshmallow Cream on them and decorate them with sprinkles and small candies. Just make sure you have access to a sink because you will have some sticky fingers!
  2. Valentine’s Day Chex Mix – Our friends at Betty Crocker have created a simple, do-it-yourself Chex Mix recipe. Mix it with some pink and red M&Ms for a sweet Valentine’s Day treat!
  3. Angel Food Cake and Fruit Kabobs – Looking for a healthy alternative? Alternate chunks of angel food cake with heart-shaped pieces of strawberries and blackberries on large skewers. For younger children, substitute a straw or popsicle stick for the skewer.

Classroom Party Tip:

I’ve found that rotating stations work really well for younger children. Depending on how large your child’s class is, set up 4-5 stations of 4-5 children each. At each station, plan a different craft, activity, game or snack. If one station is the “snack station,” plan an “interactive snack,” such as decorating cookies. Rotate stations every 10-15 minutes, and have one parent helper in charge of each station. This will keep the kids busy and entertained! If you don’t have an opportunity to set up the stations beforehand, have a parent helper read a short book to the children at the beginning of the party while you take a few minutes to set up the stations.

Please share any Valentine’s Day party ideas that you love in a comment below!

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Creative Classroom Valentine\'s Day Party Ideas
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