Creative ideas for using Halloween Candy

Halloween in Lake County

With Halloween becoming a month-long celebration of goblins and ghouls it’s likely you have overflowing buckets of candy and treats. If you are looking for ways to use the candy that doesn’t involve turning your children into Augustus Gloop and eating it all we have you covered with these 10 Creative Uses for Halloween Candy.

Creative Uses for Halloween Candy

  1.  Freeze It: Freeze it in tightly wrapped freezer bags. Use it throughout the year in cookie dough, cake batter and as part of an ice cream sundae bar when summer greets us again.  Or hide some for a movie night at home later on this winter.
  2. Mix It: Add a few pieces into a healthy trail mix for snack time. Combine dried fruit, high fiber cereal and a variety of nuts and seeds together in a snack bag. Add a few pieces of candy for a special sweet treat trail mix.
  3. Learn with It: What better way to learn about science than science experiments with candy? Check out Science 20′s Top 10 Scientific Uses For Leftover Halloween Candy for ways to have fun and enjoy your candy, while learning a lot about science! Or use it to brush up on Math skills. It is always more fun to do addition or subtraction with small chocolates than anything else!
  4. Re-treat It: Save some for your children’s birthday party treat bags. Freeze it and take out to toss into a bag with some other non-candy goodies when party time arrives. Or use it to fill a pinata and let all the kids enjoy the windfall.
  5.  Decorate It: Save it for your next holiday get together and use for edible crafts. Gingerbread houses, Thanksgiving turkey cookies and edible Easter basket crafts can always benefit from some tasty candy.
  6. Switch Witch: Buy a switch witch! The tradition is sort of like Elf on the Shelf. After Halloween the switch witch takes the candy away and leaves behind a toy or a game that your child has been wanting in exchange.
  7. Craft It: Use twizzlers as paintbrushes, make a candy corn wreath, glue candy to make picture frames or even make candy wrapper hair bows.
  8.  Gift It: Make goody bags for the police department, fire department, your child’s teacher or even the mailman. I am sure they would be thrilled to get a treat during their work day.
  9. Bring It: Package it up and bring it into the office. Put it in a little bowl and watch it disappear.
  10. Eat It: Let’s be honest. You know you want to. Snag your favorite pieces from your child’s bag. Unwrap. Eat. Enjoy.

These are ways you can still enjoy your Halloween candy in moderation and maybe even start new traditions for your kids at Halloween by donating, recycling, and just get creative. Of course, there is always the option to join a Halloween Candy Buy-Back program.

Do you have any creative uses for all the candy? Share it with us in the comments!

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Creative ideas for using Halloween Candy
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  1. Operation Christmas Child will gladly use HARD CANDY, GUM, TOOTSIE ROLLS, or TAFFY to add to shoeboxes! Immanuel church in Gurnee is preparing for the big community packing party on November 14th and hope to fill over 8,000 shoeboxes to bring joy to boys and girls!

    There is a big shoe box in the entry foyer to drop donations!

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