Little Lake County Dads Speak: What NOT to get Dad for Father’s Day

Father's Day in Lake County

We asked they answered! LLC contributors asked the Dads in our lives what they DO NOT want on Father’s Day. Hopefully, we can save you a trip back to the store to make a return, or keep this year’s gift out of next year’s garage sale!

what not to get dad for fathers day

What Not to Get Dad for Father’s Day

  • Greeting cards! My kids should make me a card instead.” Jake, Holly’s Husband
  • Ear & nose hair trimmer.” PBDad, Melissa’s Husband
  • Cologne; I’d rather do a fun family activity than receive a gift.” Dave, Maureen’s Husband
  • “No gift for me! Make me a special breakfast or dinner instead.” Tony, Mialynn’s Husband
  • “No ties. The best father’s day gift I ever received was a Meat & Whiskey Bouquet.” Bernie, Stephanie’s Husband
  • No clothes, or mugs that say World’s Best Dad!” Steve, Jessica’s Husband
  • World’s Best Dad stuff is so cliche, none of that!” Mark, Krystal’s Husband
  • No photo albums or picture frames; just update the frames I already have. I prefer our annual family tradition of spending Father’s Day at Arlington Race track over a gift.” Cheryl’s Husband

Susan over at The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva has put together a pretty hilarious list of Father’s Day Gifts That Are So Bad They’re Awesome that is worth a read, too.

Check out our Little Father’s Day Fun Pinterest Board for inspiration & local Father’s Day events, and we have many great dining suggestions for families here on the website. How is your family spending Father’s Day?

Little Lake County Dads Speak: What NOT to get Dad for Father\'s Day
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  1. The list of so bad their awesome gifts was great! If I had come across it earlier I actually would have purchased the Shittens for my husband. He will be away for Father’s Day doing his annual training for the Marines. They will be out for a couple of weeks and most likely using porta johns. That would have been hilarious to send him with!

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