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Since COVID-19 landed in the United States every aspect of our children’s lives has been disrupted and changed. For athletes, this has been an especially big loss as their sports practices and lessons provide them not only entertainment but the physical and mental release they need from the stress of everyday life. As we enter our 6th month of learning to live with COVID-19 getting our kids back into the classrooms, studios, and fields they love has become the focus for many. Dance Academy of Libertyville has been open this summer for dance camps and is now running fall classes, and I have had the opportunity first-hand to see how they have adjusted procedures to protect their dancers. 

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My daughter has been dancing at Dance Academy since she was 3 years old. They have always had a focus on safety and health. Teaching children how to care for and stretch their bodies, fuel it right, and prevent injury. Back in February and March before any of the precautions went into place her instructor was already having kids use hand sanitizer upon entering and wiping down the bars between classes. After the initial shut down,  as we moved into Phase 4,  the studio opened with new guidelines and has been running with no incident since. 

The first change is that they have limited the number of students allowed in-studio with one instructor. Dance is one of the easiest sports to allow for distancing and still allow children to get the full experience. Screening is of course also important and all parents sign a waiver saying that they will monitor temperature and symptoms and keep children home if they have any symptoms or close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19. 

To keep the school a safe space and exposure limited for the cohort of dancers that are there, no parents or outsiders are allowed in the building. There are sanitation stations at the entrance and located throughout the building, floor markings in the hallways, and the studios to keep dancers distanced, and signs throughout provide gentle reminders. Dressing rooms are closed and students are provided a designated taped off area where they are to keep their items. 

Following the State of Illinois guidelines, dancers and all faculty are wearing masks the entire time they are in the building. Each studio is cleaned and disinfected between every class. Dance Academy has listed an overview of their enhanced protocols and procedures on their website and a detailed version is available upon request.

My daughter participated in the three-week summer intensive and it was so good for her soul to be moving and dancing with friends again. She took to the procedures like a champ and quickly had them down pat. We felt one-hundred percent comfortable sending her and knew that DAL was doing everything they could to keep my dancer safe. She is now back in the studio for her weekly dance classes and is thriving being able to be back doing what she loves.

If you are looking for some screen-free time for your children I highly recommend a class at the Dance Academy of Libertyville. Not only is it good exercise for your child it will help prepare them for an eventual return to school. The structure and routine of a dance class remind children how to work in a classroom setting. They will continue to work on listening skills and taking turns, while learning to interact with others. Plus a little time away from how now will help with separation later.

Fall registration is ongoing. Learn more and register on their website.  

Get your children moving this fall— Register Now! 

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Dance Safely - New Procedures at DAL
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