Diamond Lake Beach

Mundelein, IL

This is a personal review form 2015, your experience may vary.

I have spent most of my life living in Mundelein. As a child, I LOVED going to Diamond Lake Beach, which is located on Diamond Lake Road in Mundelein. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of teaching myself how to swim there, throwing sand at my brother, and having picnics. Over time, I kind of stopped going there and forgot about it. This year when buying my son and I pool passes, I had an option to pay a small fee in addition to the pool pass to have a membership to Diamond Lake Beach. I jumped at it! Since heading back there with my son this summer, we have both fallen in love with it.

diamond lake beach, mundelein

Diamond Lake Beach, Mundelein

The beach operated by Mundelein Park District is open daily (weather permitting).  The admission price is very reasonable compared to other waterparks and beaches in the area.  Children under 2 are free, and seniors have a discount as well. Workdays? Go during the last two hours at night and pay a reduced fee. Mundelein Parks also has the option of buying a season pass. I thought the pass was definitely worth it, especially since my son is still free.

The beach has multiple umbrellas in case you need a break from the sun. – © T. Rubel | Little Lake County.com | 2015

I could spend hours at this beach. With their massive umbrellas for keeping cool, playgrounds, gazebos, boat launch, paddle boats you can rent, volleyball,  picnic tables, and soft sand, this beach will become a favorite place for kids of all ages and their parents too! I would say that the coolest thing would definitely be the inflatable obstacle course in the water. I could see ten-year-old boys going crazy over it. Actually, if I am honest, if someone would watch my toddler for a few minutes, I would totally try it too.

diamond lake beach mundelein
The obstacle course at Diamond Lake Beach. Photo Courtesy to Diamond Lake Beach Facebook page.

My son really liked the playgrounds there as well.  They had multiple swings (both baby swings and big kid swings), a playground set with slides, a sand drum, sand diggers, and a cool looking jungle gym. My only complaint about the park was that we had gone on a 90-degree day, and the slides were WAY too hot for my son to go down on in just his little swim trunks. I directed him to the beach area and gave him a bucket to scoop up minnows, and he forgot about the park in no time.  Next time if I plan on going to the beach, I will get there before it gets too hot so he can have a chance to play on the playground.

Diamond lake beach
© T. Rubel | Little Lake County.com | 2015

Many people at the beach were sitting on blankets or some of the chairs the beach had provided. They brought their own lunches. I didn’t bring any food because I thought they had a concession stand there. However, I was disappointed to find out that they no longer have a concession stand. So it looks like I will be bringing lunch next time.  They have no problem with you bringing food in or any sand toys. I also asked and they said you are allowed to bring your own inflatable floaties in for the kids. So it looks like I will be buying that pizza slice inflatable that I have had my eye on for months.

diamond lake mundelein
People splashing in Diamond Lake Beach. Photo credit to Diamond Lake Beach Facebook page

The beach has a lot of good things about it. One of the positives that I must point out about this beach is that they have REAL working bathrooms inside the beach building.  No stinky port-o-potties here!  They also have a variety of family events throughout the season.

However, there are some definite downsides to this beach too. I don’t like that parking is across the street from the beach. It is hard to carry my beach bag, floaties, and a sandy, wet two-year-old to the car when you are alone.  I also do not like that this beach is right on the street only separated by a chain-link fence.

Overall, I love this beach. My son and I will be coming here several times this summer. My only regret was not taking him at all last year.

diamond lake beach mundelein
© T. Rubel | Little Lake County.com | 2015

Diamond Lake Beach
1016 Diamond Lake Road, Mundelein (off of Rt. 45 )
Beach (847) 566-5650 | Main (847) 566-0650
See their Facebook page for beach closings!

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Have you been to Diamond Lake Beach? What’s your favorite part?

Diamond Lake Beach
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