Dining in Lake County

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Coffee Shops & Cafes in Lake County

It’s a fuel station for humans. Pick up your local brew at one of these Lake County Coffee Shops:

Breakfast & Brunch Restaurants in Lake County

It’s the most important meal of the day, start it at one of these restaurants:

Lake County Bakeries


You need to get in, grab some good food, and get out. These restaurants are perfect for lunch or a quick dinner between school and practice:

Casual Dining in Lake County

You have too eat, and you have to feed the kids…again! These casual dining restaurants in Lake County are perfect for the family, or a low-key night out. Read our reviews:

Fine Dining in Lake County

Best Pizza in Lake County

Outdoor Dining in Lake County

Best Desserts in Lake County

We have a philospohy, it’s not orignal, eat dessert first. We suggest you start with these:

Lake County Breweries

Gluten-Free Dining in Lake County

Vegan/Vegetarian Dining in Lake County

Best of Lake County

Lake county has some great options for dining and our readers have some big opinions on those options. These are fan favorites:

Lake County Dining Events

Lake County Restaurant Week happens every spring (usually the first week in March) and includes restaurants for every palate including family-friendly favorites.