Paleo Playgrounds in Lake County

Paleo playgrounds? Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you give up bread, cheese and processed sugar.  We’ve got the playgrounds your dinosaur-loving tyke is sure to enjoy!

dinosaur playground lake county

Lake Villa Township Park
Fairfield Rd. and Grand Avenue (Rt. 132) in Lake Villa | (847) 356-3800
Commonly known to us locals as “Caboose Park,” this sprawling playground on the grounds of the Lake Villa Township offices hits you with a heavy dose of nostalgia. Relive your childhood on old-school playground equipment or go even further back to dig for fossils in the sandbox or climb onto the back of a stegosaurus.

Read Holly’s profile of Lake Villa Township Park and SAVE THE DATE for the grand finale of our Little Lake County Playground Safari on Wednesday, August 10, 2016, hosted by the Lake Villa Township.

Paleo Playgrounds Lake County
© L. Thomas | Little Lake | 2015

Warren Township Park
17801 W. Washington Street, Gurnee | (847) 244-1101
This playground is always a big hit with kids of all ages, but my children have always most enjoyed digging for fossils in the large sand area at the center of the playground.  More recently, the township has added a large 3-D skeleton emerging out of the sand that kids love to climb.  Jessica R. tells you more in her Warren Township Park profile.

© J. Johnson | Little Lake | 2015
© J. Johnson | Little Lake | 2015

Sunset Woods Park
1801 Sunset Road, Highland Park | (847) 831-3810
Jennifer J. thinks Sunset Woods in Highland Park is a wonderful mix of family-friendly natural areas, playgrounds, paved pathways and sports areas.  There are four separate play areas, but your junior paleontologist will want to head straight for Petrified Park.  This newer area is meant to evoke an archaeological dig and includes a Dinosaur Shell Climber, Rib Cage Climber and sand diggers. Learn what else Jennifer has to say in her Sunset Woods park profile. 

Read about Loralei's visit to the Dinosaur Discovery Center in 2013 here

If these playgrounds aren’t enough for your young dino-lover to get their fossil-fix, then make the short drive up I-94 to the Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha. Admission is FREE; however, the museum is quite small–consisting of just one gallery.  I recommend visiting during their Dino Digs program or making a quick stop on your way to a day trip into Milwaukee. 


Where does your dinosaur fan like to play? Tell us in the comments below. 


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