Disney Imagicademy – Creativity at Kids Fingertips {Review}

My daughters love crafts. They could (and have) spend hours cutting, pasting, gluing, painting and creating masterpieces. We don’t always have the time or crafts on hand to meet their creative desires and, to be honest, glue and scissors aren’t great for on the go creating. We’ve been playing with the Disney Imagicademy Creative Arts World and I am so impressed with this app and my girls are in love!

We have only had an iPad for a few months, it’s mostly something I use for working on the go. However, the older kids can earn time on it and use it for educational games. My four-year-old frequently felt left out. She didn’t have the skills needed to play many of the games her siblings did and she wanted to play with the tablet too. Since I am new to the apple world and tablets I didn’t even know where to start to find a game that was entertaining, somewhat educational and not full of junky ads.

Disney Imagicademy
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About the App:

Children can create their own characters that can star in animated movies alongside beloved Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie, while they experiment with line, shapes and texture in Mickey’s Drawing Studio; Explore storytelling, improvisation, costume design, character development and role play with Donald; Consider concepts of rhythm, tempo, patterns and melodies with Mickey’s Musical Marching Band; Experiment with symmetry, balance and proportion as they design buildings with Minnie; and play with oodles of virtual arts and crafts with Goofy!

My daughters can’t get enough of this app. This past weekend as my daughter was in the hospital for dehydration, it proved to be a sanity saver! They put her IV in her right hand and she didn’t like or want to use or move it. For a kid who loves to color this meant hours of boredom or watching TV. When we pulled out the app she was so happy! She could easily color and draw with her left hand in ways she couldn’t with a paper and crayons. She has so much fun dipping and spinning and creating new designs and textures. It really helped us get through a long and traumatic experience!

Disney Imagicademy
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She enjoyed it so much we even downloaded the Imagicademy Math Ap, which she loves too! The Disney Imagicademy Apps are an integrated program specifically for the iPad that naturally inspires children to learn by creating, making and doing. Even better the Apps connect to Disney Imagicademy Parents app which allows you to see your child’s creations and track their progress. The parents app also gives ideas for activities and games you can do to further enforce the skills your child is learning. Think of it as a perfectly curated Pinterest board right at your fingertips.

Imagicademy Parent Ap
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The app is free but has multiple upgrades available for in-app purchases. These provided a richer experience with more tools for your children to use and play with. For example int he drawing studio it unlocks more brushes and pen tips. While we played the free version first the upgraded in-app purchases certainly make for a better experience, especially for younger player who may not understand what is or isn’t available.

Disney Imagicademy Screenshots
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Disney Imagiacademy is recommended for childrens 3 to 8. Disney Imagicademy apps are available exclusively for iPad and can currently be found on Apple’s App Store in the Kids, Education, and Entertainment categories. Look for books and other physical products to be available in store for back to school 2015.



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